Brain and Beauty: Interview with Marta Dimoska

The only alternative model in Macedonia, Miss Intelligence 2014, a student of Material Engineering and Nanotechnology


To begin, where are you based and what do you do in your life? I am from Macedonia, and I am a student of the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Skopje, studying Material Engineering and Nanotechnology. I am well known about my academic successes and my country rewarded me a lot for my knowledge, contribution and promotions in my country. My highest achievement as a scientist is the first place in N.A.S.A. Space Apps, 3D printing project idea that made a Global Impact.

When and how did you start modeling and acting? I started modeling and acting when I was very young, in my Elementary School. Aside science I really love art and connect them together to have a greater symbiosis in life. I can’t live without one and I love balancing science with art and vice versa.

Tell us your strongest features as a model/actor. My strongest feature as a model is the art of transformation. I can be anyone and pull it off originally but still place my accent and add unique touch of my perception of the role I have to play. Nowadays curves and pale skin are IN again. I have freckles and I really look authentic and special and that’s why I am the only cover girl for a lot of abroad brands in my country.

Where have you been published? Gothic Beauty Magazine, Vest, Delicious Dolls Magazine, Der Vintage Flaneur, Sinical Beauty Magazine and lots of other.

You have mentioned that at present moment you are the only alternative model in Macedonia. Are you the only brave girl in your country? Yes I am. And I am proud of it. Modeling here has low standards and is not well developed. My way of ‘modeling’ is weirder and more artistic. It’s pity that we don’t really have quality as much as we brag around here. Nevertheless I am here to make a change and serve as an example. People here fear of differences. But I am different and I am not afraid to show them that the world accepts me and finds me amazing. But that’s the problem with our country, they don’t value you enough. That’s why from the start I worked with abroad companies and brands.

2015 #2 March Sheeba M Dimoska 3a

What are your favorite Macedonian and international photographer you have worked with? My favorite Macedonian photographers would be Slave Viktorijoski and Martin Spasovski. Definitely worth checking out! As from international, I have many that inspire me constantly.

What famous brands and companies have you worked with? In Macedonia among Miss World I participated on fashion shows for Mango, Fashion&Friends and the Vintage Edition of dresses. From abroad I am happy to tell that I am collaborating with: Daniel Wellington, Misspoppywear, Jazzafine, Glitter Paradise, Collectif Clothing, Daisy Dapper, Lindy Bop, Jsjewlery… and a looooot of others! I am being their Macedonian cover girl and they are really selective so I am proud!

Marta Dimoska by Slave Viktorijoski
Marta Dimoska by Slave Viktorijoski

You have been crowned as Miss Intelligence in Miss Macedonia 2014 and was invited to enter Miss World. Tell us more about winning Miss Intelligence and what happened next?”

Yes, I am the only alternative model that entered miss and finished among the first three. Unfortunately the competition was cancelled due poor organization so Macedonia didn’t send her Miss on the competition but I was top 3 and had pretty high chances.

Tell us more about you as a styling advisor. What else do you do besides modeling? Except modeling I am doing my own makeup and hair, nails and everything a ‘proper’ woman should do. I find them artistic, and I think pt completes me as a person. I enjoy DIY, writing and reading, and I also paint and sing. Everything from the arts really. But the most passionate thing in my life is Science! I am amazed from all the theories for the Universe, how cells work etc…

Marta Dimoska by Aleksandar Rizinski
Marta Dimoska by Aleksandar Rizinski

What do you do to stay fit and so attractive? In the summer I tend to do a lot of sports. But with my busy life it’s really hard. I am always having obligations, tasks and projects. So nothing really, my genes are making me this good looking.

What was your most memorable shoot? What genres do you prefer shooting? Oh, cosplaying for sure! I love not only wearing costumes but really ‘being’ the character. I am also the only cosplay model ‘in town’ but I do help other enthusiasts about this matter. That would be Moira O’Hara cosplay day. I wasn’t only acting; I was being that the whole day long!

Where can fashion industry professionals find your portfolio? Give us your website or Facebook page, for example.

LinkedIN: https://www.linkedin.com/in/martina-dimoska-099138101

Tumblr: http://marttah-devilish.tumblr.com

Marta, who inspires you in your life and work? I believe everyone is special in a way. I have no idols. Although I seek for inspiration everywhere!

What is your favorite quote? I read a lot so I always have a quote or two to share. Some people dream. Some people do. Some do both!

Thank you, Marta.

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