Model: Katie O'Rear Makeup Artist: MoreThanaRose

Interview with Vegan Model Katie O’Rear

2015 #1 Feb Sheeba Magazine COVER small
Katie O’Rear on Sheeba Magazine cover February 2015

Tell us, what is a vegan person? What does it mean? A vegan is someone who does not use or consume any animal products or byproducts.

How and when did you become vegan? I had been a vegetarian for a year or two in the past  but wanted to explore veganism, in December of 2011 I met a compassionate man name Gary Yourofsky and he helped me make the transition. The day I met him I went vegan cold turkey (no pun intended).

Do your friends and family support you being a vegan? Were any of your friends or family members against it?   My friends have a lot of questions when they first find out but they are generally supportive. Admittedly at first my father was worried about if I would get enough protein and other vitamins but he warmed up quickly to the idea once he saw that it was possible, three years later and he’s got a great handle on vegan cooking!

What positive changes do you experience in your health and possibly physical appearance after starting vegan lifestyle? I noticed that my nails which used to be unusually brittle are really strong now, my hair is not lifeless anymore and it is softer and stronger than ever before! I do not get as tired when working out and I can keep going longer than I used to!!

What do you eat when you go out for dinner? Are there many vegan-friendly places in your area? One of the easiest things to get  at restaurants is spaghetti or other noodles, a lot of places have it you just have to make sure there is no meat or cheese on it. We have a few great vegan places around here such as Blaze Pizza which offers delicious vegan cheese and build your own pizzas

What is your favorite meal? Pizza,  Pasta Fresca, and vegetable jalfrezi.

Model: Katie O'Rear
Photographer & Makeup Artist: Rose Prebola

When did you start modeling? What does it mean to you? I started Modeling back in 2010. For me modeling gives me a chance to express myself and it really helps boost my self esteem, it also gives me a platform to be a role model to younger girls, someone who they can come to with questions.

You have great variety of images on your portfolio.  What genres do you love most? Avant Garde when I am afforded the Opportunity to do it, I also love High fashion and have plans set in place to explore that even more.

Katie O'Rear

Tell us your strongest features as a model. I would have to say my flexibility and a willingness to do almost anything to get the perfect shot even if that would require being in an abandoned building or suspended in the air on fabric.

Katie, where can modeling industry professionals  find your portfolio? Where are you based? I am a Detroit Michigan based model but I love to travel. You can find my work at two locations the first being mainly for those in my field trying to book me that site is here www.modelmayhem.com/katieorear , the other site is for everyone it is more active, and has more of my photos on it! That site is located here www.facebook.com/katieorearmodel

Your favorite quote? “Veganism is not about giving anything up or losing anything; it is about gaining the peace within yourself that comes from embracing nonviolence and refusing to participate in the exploitation of the vulnerable” – Gary L. Francione

Photographer & Makeup Artist: Rose Prebola
Photographer & Makeup Artist: Rose Prebola

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