Interview with Fashion Photographer Emily Rebekah

“I like to capture beauty and romance almost to the point of fantasy”

Sheeba, March 2015
Photographer Emily Rebekah

Emily, where are you based and how did you start photographing? I am currently based in Cork City in the south of Ireland. I began my career as a makeup artist in the beauty, fashion and film industry where my passion for photography began. I started organizing my own photo shoots of my makeup looks for my makeup portfolio.

Why fashion photography in particular? I love dresses and I have always had a huge interest in fashion and its history. I have respect for the fashion industry and fashion as a powerful art form.

Tell us about your publications or any rewards received. I am published in Ondine Magazine.

Where do your ideas to shoot come from? Who or what inspires you? I.e. Do you have a muse presently? My ideas are usually inspired by nature, architecture, films and fashion magazines. I have also been lucky to attend talks by photography greats David Bailey and Tim Walker and to work with and assist one of my favourite photographers and friend Emily Soto. I have attended a few of Emily Soto’s workshops and they are incredible, this is what inspired me to go professional with my photography.

Most of your images are done on location. What is your most memorable location you have ever photographed at? I have so many amazing locations that are memorable for different reasons. I think my most memorable was in Fota Wildlife Park because it was such a challenge trying to shoot the models, animals and fashion and work in the midday sun but I was happy with the photos.

Do you usually work with a team or do you work alone? Have you a favourite designer, stylist or makeup artist if any? I usually have an assistant with me but it is quite 50:50 sometimes do the makeup and styling myself and sometimes I have a big team. It depends what I am doing the shoot for. I have no favourites, I have worked with such lovely people, I honestly could not choose.

2015 #2 March Sheeba Emily R6

Usually feminine, elegant and fragile women is the main subjects of your works. What does femininity mean to you as a photographer? I think femininity can take many forms. I look for regal, doll like, elegant, innocent and fairy qualities in my subjects and zone in on one or two of these. I like to capture beauty and romance almost to the point of fantasy.

Emily, how would you describe your photography style? What is your goal? I am still developing my style. At the moment I like to create stories and fairytale shoots. My next goal is my Europe tour I would like to shoot as many different locations and countries while I am there.

2015 #2 March Sheeba Emily R8  Back Cover
Back Cover March 2015 by Emily Rebekah

How can fashion professionals contact you and where can they see your works? You can see my work at www.emilyrebekahphotographer.com and my Facebook page Emily Rebekah Fashion Photographer

What do you like to do when you are not behind the camera? I love sketching dresses. I am currently doing a fashion design course so hopefully I will be able to design my own couture dress for personal shoots. I also love the outdoors, mountain climbing, nature walks and exploring, which is how I find such great locations.

Describe yourself in three words please. Kind. Hardworking. Motivated.

What is your life quote/motto? Meet those who inspire you. If they are doing workshops, meet and greets or seminars, it make it happen.

Thank you, Emily.


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