Your Complete Guide to Sustainable Gifts for Women

Christmas is the time when everyone comes together to enjoy peace, eat great food, watch family-friendly movies and have fun. There’s something magic about this holiday and a perfect gift can be a cherry on top. But, choosing a Christmas present isn’t always easy, especially if you’re choosing it for a special lady who means the world to you. Sometimes, women will flat out tell what they want for Christmas, while at other times, they’ll throw subtle hints in hope that their partners will get it.

Whatever the case, here’s a guide on choosing a conscious and perfect gift for her:

1. If She’s Into Reading, Then You Can Get Her a Book

If she’s into reading, then you can get her a book

Maybe the book isn’t the most romantic gift out there, but if your lady loves reading, she’ll surely appreciate your effort. Knowing her reading tastes can greatly help you, and if you’re not the one to pay attention to these things (let’s face it, some people aren’t), then peeping into her Goodreads to-read list will be of huge help. And in case you want to be completely sure, you can simply ask her since chances are, she’ll be pleasantly surprised with your caring effort. Of course, before you hand her the book, don’t forget to write a thoughtful and personalized inscription. Additionally, you can wrap it in a nice gift wrapper or even use an elegant box instead of a wrapper.

2. You Can Never Go Wrong With Some Personal Products

You can never go wrong with some personal products

Let’s be honest: most women love cosmetics, makeup, and other beauty products. Gifting her a luxurious face serum, moisturizer or perfume will surely make her feel special, especially if it’s something she’s been planning to buy for some time. In order to avoid mistakes, it’s best to snoop through her products shelf, or simply, pay attention to her aisle browsing habits next time you go shopping. If you want to be extra inquisitive, if not a bit nosy, you can check her wishlist on Amazon or other shopping websites. Still, if you’re looking to buy some cosmetics, it’s advisable to ask her yourself, because she’ll appreciate the gift even if she knows about it beforehand.

3. A Stylish Accessory is Always a Good Choice

A stylish accessory is always a good choice gift for her

Some girls love jewelry and other accessories, so if your lady is someone who enjoys wearing rings, necklaces and earrings, then she’ll be more than happy to receive some more from you. So, getting her gold-plated stainless steel moonstone necklace from moonmagic.com will surely make her feel classy and glamorous regardless of her outfit or the occasion. Giving her jewelry for Christmas is a very intimate and meaningful act, so if you truly love her, then choosing a stylish accessory piece will be a great declaration of your devotion.

4. If You Know Her Really Well, Then Buy Her Some Clothes

If you know her really well, then buy her some clothes gift for her


When we say “some clothes”, we actually mean a unique and well-chosen clothing item that she’ll enjoy wearing. Of course, it’s important to know her measurements so you won’t get her the wrong size, but even if you do, you can always keep a receipt, so she’ll be able to change it. Since we’re talking about Christmas, getting her an elegant coat, or cozy sweater will surely make her feel warm and fuzzy in the cold winter weather. After all, there’s nothing more romantic than going for a walk on a Christmas morning while wearing a coat, scarf or a pair of elegant mittens that you’ve gotten from your love. But, it’s important to point out that buying a wearable gift requires a lot of knowledge and effort, so if you aren’t been dating for long, it’s better to save this type of present for some other occasion.

5. Lingerie, as the Ultimate Sign of Your Adoration

Lingerie, as the ultimate sign of your adoration gift for her

Lingerie is the only type of gift that you can buy to your special lady without it being awkward. However, just because you’re buying it for her, that doesn’t mean you should just purchase the first lingerie set that catches your eye. Not all women have the same preferences: some prefer more wholesome designs such as bralettes, while others like to wear sexy and luxurious laced bustiers or even balcony bras. Also, it’s necessary to know her body type before choosing the perfect lingerie set. This can seem a bit complicated to someone inexperienced, so feel free to consult a female relative or a friend, but only if you’re not too shy to share such intimate details with others.


gift for her

Choosing a conscious Christmas gift isn’t that difficult, but it’s important to know her tastes so you won’t end up buying something unsuitable. If you don’t plan to surprise her, then talking to her before the purchase is the safest way to get her a present she’ll truly love and appreciate. 

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