It’s Almost Christmas Time: How to Eco-Friendly Decorate Your Home

Christmas makes us feel full of energy, positive emotions, and inspiration. Most of us enjoy decorating our home so that it looks warm, cozy and festive – just like we feel inside. To begin you may check online for personalized ornaments wholesale.

However, today’s market is tricky, especially around the Christmas holidays – it can make you spend more than you have planned, while simultaneously hurting the environment.

Luckily, there are tons of ways to decorate your home in an eco-friendly way and still achieve the festive spirit you’re aiming for.

1. Rent a Christmas Tree

This may sound weird, but according to studies, it is the greenest alternative available. When you rent a Christmas tree, the company delivers it to you so you can decorate it for holidays and then they pick it up in January and replant it. Doesn’t it sound cool?

Alternatively, you can buy a tree but make sure it’s locally grown by environmental standards. After the holidays, find where you can drop off the tree so that it’s recycled into shipping for parks or even woodland areas.

Christmas eco friendly decorations

2. Pinecones Decorations

Why not make your very own ornaments with a help from nature? Take a walk outside and collect fallen pinecones from the ground. Buy a few metallic spray paints and spray the pinecones. Silver, gold and bronze look great on them.

When the pinecones dry, you can arrange them in a festive bowl or hang them on the tree. What’s also great, they are much more difficult to break than plastic decorative items.

3. Wrapping Paper That Can be Recycled

Many rolls of wrapping paper can’t be recycled because they contain foil, plastic or glitter – elements that can’t be recycled.

You can use the scrunch test to see if your wrapping paper is recyclable. First, scrunch the paper in your hands and let it go – if it stays that way, it’s recyclable. If the paper unfolds, there are some non-recyclable elements in it. Brown paper or tissue can also be recycled.

Also, save gift bags you got from others so that you can use them when you want to give a present to somebody.

You could also try knot wraps, which are colorful fabric squares that can be used several times. Christmas gifts under your tree wrapped in recycled paper will look just as much beautiful as the gifts wrapped in regular wrapping paper.

4. Be Smart With Festive Lighting

Sparkling lights inside almost every room, as well as around your home and in the garden – of course you want to dazzle the neighbors and guests with magical atmosphere created by perfect lighting.

However, your electric bill and environmental impact can go way too high if you don’t switch to LEDs. They use 80% less power than regular incandescent Christmas lights. Regarding the exterior, there are wonderful outdoor area accessories you can use for decorating the patio and the garden which will reduce your electric bill at the end of the month. Switching to solar-powered lights outdoors that come with a timer will also make a big difference.

Christmas eco friendly decorations

5. Edible Decorations

Food decorations definitely won’t go to waste. The only problem is to control yourself when you see your Christmas tree filled with edible items.

Gingerbread men are excellent decorative item for the tree. Just make a small hole when you take them out from the oven. They can stay edible for three days but if you want them to last longer, cover them with acrylic varnish. They won’t be edible anymore but at least you didn’t spend unnecessary money for more decorations.

Christmas eco friendly decorations

6. Succulent Wreath

In case you have skillful fingers, use them to make a wreath instead of buying it. In case you have succulents inside your home, use them to make a wonderful, natural wreath to hang on your front door. Winter plants and evergreen trees are not the only symbols of Christmas holidays.

Succulents allow you to use various colors when creating a wreath, introducing a unique, unexpected decorative item inside your home. There are simple tutorials online you can check out in case you want to use your hands for something truly creative.

eco friendly decorations for season

7. Scrap Ribbon Tree Ornament

Another way of decorating the tree in an eco-friendly way is to collect straight fallen twigs from the park. Gather some ribbon scraps that are too short to be used for wrapping. Alternatively, you can use cinnamon sticks instead of the twigs if you want a scented version of ornaments.

You’ll also need twine, hot glue gun and scissors and you’re ready to go.

First, tie the ribbons scraps around the twig (or the cinnamon stick) and line them up. Next, trim the edges so that you form the shape of a tree. Finally, secure a twine loop with the hot glue, placing it on the top of the ornament.

Final Words

It’s wonderful when you get to stay eco-friendly even during the Christmas holidays. What’s better, this period allows you to show off your creativity and to introduce novelties into your Christmas decor.

If it comes down to it, you can always look for holiday sales. Take swarovski christmas ornaments for one. They’re always have a sale for something.

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