7 Things You Should Know Before Having Sex in a Car

You may think that sex in a car is for teenagers because they don’t have any other place to do it. But even if you have enough places for intimacy, it doesn’t mean that you need to throw sex in a car out of the possible places where can you have it. Sex in a car can be a lot of fun, no matter how old you are. And if you have never done it, you should include it in your to-do list.

If you’re planning to have sexual intercourse, particularly for the first time, it’s crucial to be aware of the specific considerations involved. It’s not just about finding the right positions; there are other aspects to understand. Therefore, before you and your partner find a secluded spot to get intimate, explore this informative SEX 101 guide for insights into the nuances of sexual experiences and make the experience more enjoyable.

sex in a car

1. You Have Only Two Options For Making Love in a Car

Of course, adult movies provide us with the opinion that sexual intercourse on the hoods of sports cars is very comfortable and exciting. But the fact is that you have only the passenger seat and the back seat to indulge in pleasures. You need to recline the passenger seat a little and hope that you will not be stuck between the door and seat. In this case, the cowgirl position (regular or reverse) is the most suitable.

If you choose the back seat, you are able to lay down a little more. But one of you will still be straddling the other because there is not enough room to lie down. You do have the possibility of oral sex or cuddling but if you want to have penetrative sex, it wouldn’t be very easy. The car horn may accidentally beep so many times that you’ll just draw excess attention.

2. Car Sex is Quick Sex

You shouldn’t think that having sex in the car is a long and slow process of making love with lengthy foreplay for half an hour using toys from Sebastian at dragondildoes.co.uk. You may use your car for a quick bang on the lunch break or before returning to a house full of kids. Of course, if you still live with parents and have no other opportunity to retire with a loved one, you can stretch the sex for several hours but it will not be very comfortable.

3. You Will Have to Open a Window

If you saw Titanic and remember their sex scene in the car, you will guess why you need to open the windows slightly. You might have also wondered has Ariana Grande ever been nude in the car. Steamy windows in the car give a direct hint that something is going inside the vehicle. Some passers-by may giggle but you can also stumble upon some killjoy that will try to shame you. So you need to find a more private location.

making love in a car

4. Look For a Very Private Place

For car sex, it is better to choose some hidden and secluded places as well as do it in night time. This is because having sex in public places is against the law and you probably don’t want to get caught. In addition, it is not acceptable to expose your sex life to third parties at least until they agree to it.

Despite the fact that laws vary from state to state, having sex in public is generally considered misconduct that may include obscene or indecent behavior. In some cases, especially if children stumble upon your “activity”, it may even lead to your registration as a sex offender. In fact, it is better to take an extra five minutes to find a more secluded and private place. If you don’t have much time to find a remote location it wouldn’t be a bad idea to invest in a quiet vibrator.

5. You May Get Leg Cramps

Car sex doesn’t really provide the chance to stretch out your legs and this may lead to leg cramps. To stay on the safe side, you may perform a few stretches if you are getting ready to have sex in the car. Yoga stretches are perfect for this purpose because they open your hips and boost your libido to the proper level. Yoga is a great practice to increase your flexibility and makes you more conscious of your breathing. It has been scientifically proven that yoga can increase libido.

6. Your Skin Will Not Like Leather Seats

If you are aware of what carpet burns are, they will seem completely painless compared to ripping off your wet and sticky skin from the leather or vinyl car seats. Leather is a quite specific material that doesn’t allow slipping and sliding. Of course, you may cover your leather seats with lube but that will most likely destroy them. Check your trunk, maybe you have a couple of blankets or a rug there that you can cover the seats with. If you were unprepared and there is no blanket in your trunk, it is better not to take your clothes off. Think of getting a car seat cover, if your seats are not comfortable enough for a romantic time in a car.

7. You Will Actually Smell Like Sex

Sex has a quite strong smell and this smell tends to linger on your clothes, skin, and hair. If you didn’t open the window or have a small walk in fresh air afterward, you may stink like sex a bit. This is not necessarily bad but you need to take into account your further activities and interlocutors. Just keep in mind that it may be quite inconvenient for those who will catch this smell from you.

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