Salt-Free Shampoo: Reasons to Make a Switch to It

Most of the conditioner and shampoo products available out there contain salt. You may be surprised to know that salt (sodium chloride) is a harmful chemical that can severely damage your hair. But, the good news is that salt free shampoo for haircare is also available. Before you buy salt-free shampoo, it’s a good thing to know why it’s important to make the switch as soon as possible.

Often, shampoo formulas include active ingredients to treat several scalp and hair problems and additives are used in order to make the product visually appealing to you or to boost its shelf life. Sodium chloride is the chemical name for the salt and it is widely used viscosity booster in shampoo formulas. Commonly, it is used along with sulfate surfactants to improve viscosity, providing the product a creamy texture. Most of the manufacturers consider using sodium chloride or salt for thickening purpose as it is a quite effective and cheap thickening agent.

Salt Free Shampoo Reasons to Make a Switch to It

But, the real fact is that salt can boost dryness as it absorbs the moisture from your hair. Especially, if you’ve curly and dry hair, it’s recommended to switch to salt-free shampoo products. Let’s explore how salt-free shampoo can benefit you in the hair care.

Reduce Irritation

As you know that salt is chemical and it can cause irritated skin and dryness on your scalp. If you often experience itching, particularly after you wash your hair with your usual shampoo, the main culprit could be salt contained in your shampoo product. You might don’t know that salt can actually result in sore spots on your scalp. That’s why it’s quite crucial to get rid of harmful ingredient from your shampoo product to have amazing results.

Better Moisture Retention

Most of the people experience a common problem with their shampoo and conditioner product is the incapability to retain moisture. Isn’t, it right? Without a doubt, hair needs moisture in order to keep shiny and healthy and more importantly, to prevent hair damage like split ends and breakage. Salt can dry out your hair and leave it frizzy and dull. But, if you make a switch to salt-free shampoo, you can easily get rid of this problem.

Salt Free Shampoo Reasons to Make a Switch to It

Retains Hair Coloring

No doubt, coloring hair is a great way to change your look or more importantly, to cover up the whites and grays. But, the longevity of the dye job significantly depends on your overall hair care. If you prefer using salt free shampoo for haircare, it will surely help you to retain hair coloring for many next years to come.

Scalp Protection

One of the sensitive parts of the body is a scalp. When using a shampoo containing harmful chemicals like salt, your skin absorbs these chemicals and finally, transport to your liver. This whole process can result in severe damage. And choosing salt-free can eradicate the risks.

You may feel that the shampoo you’re using is doing a great job. However, the use of salt could be great damage to your hair. That’s why it’s best to prefer using salt-free shampoo as well as a conditioner to keep your hair healthy and look great.

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