Fun Ways to Accessorize Your Little Black Dress

Fun Ways to Accessorize Your Little Black Dress sheeba magazine

When you think about a little black dress that pretty much every girl has stashed in her closet, a few things come to mind; namely “timeless”, “elegant”, and “sophisticated”. One of the reasons why so many girls have a “to go” little black dress in their closets is the fact that it’s an incredibly versatile and cute piece that can go from “sexy” to “serious” in a blink of an eye. With the right accessories, your little black dress can transform your look, and if you’re not sure how to achieve that, read on:

Elegant Collars and Scarves

If you’re hoping to draw more attention to your neckline, you can do it by wearing an embellished detachable collar as an accessory. These lovely details are perfect for transforming your boring old neckline and giving your dress a whole new look without you having to take it to a tailor to alter it. On the other hand, if collars aren’t your thing, you can always pick a lovely scarf instead. If you’re having a business meeting, you can go for a silk neck scarf, or you could pick up a nice pashmina and throw it over your shoulders for both style and warmth.

Accessorizing with Shoes

Ways to Accessorize Your Little Black Dress sheeba magazine

When you set your mind to a specific accessory that you like, you might want to tone your shoes down for balance and go with classic black pumps. Timeless pieces include the ones made of patent leather or suede, and these won’t look out of place in the office or on a date. Black shoes won’t draw attention away from the rest of your accessories, but if you want them to, you can pick a nice stiletto heel in a fun color or go for the ones that are of an unusual style. Try wedges, wear embellished heels, and don’t be afraid to wear shoes that have unusual heel shapes. For balance, you might want to echo your shoe color somewhere else, so wear a matching belt or a clutch purse.

Statement Jewelry Pieces

fun Ways to Accessorize

Accessorizing with jewelry can be tricky, so we’d like to point out a few easy ways to liven up your look. A statement necklace is the simplest solution, and when you wear one such piece, you don’t have to wear any more jewelry. You could also wear a long necklace with a nice pendant to draw attention to your figure, or layer up several thin ones for dramatic effect. Another fun way to accessorize with jewelry is to wear an elegant automatic watch and pair it up with a metallic bangle. You might even want to consider wearing men’s watch – even though it’s chunkier, it can make your wrists appear more slender and you can show off your sporty side.


Experiment with Tights

To draw more attention to your legs without wearing eye-catching heels, you can wear interesting tights instead. Not only will these keep you warm, but they will look stylish and elegant too. If you’re hoping for a traditional look, go for simple matte black tights, but if you want understated, go for brown or nude stockings. For playful looks and adding more volume to your dress, wear sparkly stockings or polka-dotted tights, and if you’re not afraid to “go wild”, get stockings in a bright color such as orange, green, or purple. Keep in mind that this will look better when going out than if you’re headed to the office.

Layers to the Rescue

Fun Ways to Accessorize

During colder days and seasons, layers are your best friends, and the right piece can make or break your look. A simple way to get that cute “preppy” look is to wear a simple button-down shirt under your dress – white is the safest choice, but you can also pick something in other color and wear a matching accessory. An oversized cardigan is great for a more laid-back look, but if you’re hoping for something a bit more professional, pick a fitted sweater and add a thin belt to emphasize your waist.

Being able to liven up your little black dress might seem easy, but it actually isn’t so. Not every woman knows what accessories work best, and if you’re not sure how to pick the right ones, take time to explore and learn. There are so many ways to breathe new life into your dress and many of them don’t even require a lot of money or effort on your part. Just be ready to improvise and ignore the rules from time to time, and you’ll be amazed by the results.

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