The Top 7 Eco-Friendly Skincare Products You Should Be Trying

There’s nothing more enjoyable than a luxurious moisturizer, lotion, or cleanser, but the last thing we want is to introduce toxins or pollutants into our bodies and environments with our skincare products. Whether you’re a skincare product junkie or a steadfast eco-conscious shopper, shopping for natural, earth-friendly brands that are both luxurious and effective is likely a top priority.

Here’s a handful of beauty products that will cater to all of your skin pampering desires, as well as your earth-loving needs at the same time. From gentle, nourishing cleansing oils to potent, botanical-based serums, we’ve found everything you could possibly want for glowing, radiant skin. These are the top seven eco-friendly products to try right now.

Top 7 Eco-Friendly Skincare Products You Should Be Trying

Important Certifications Every Eco-Conscious Skin Care Shopper Should Know About

Before we dive into the products, it’s a good idea to familiarize yourself with some important certifications that will help you make educated decisions about your eco-friendly skincare purchases.

  • COSMEBIO: Since 2002, COSMEBIO has been promoting natural and eco-safe cosmetics throughout France and the global community. They encourage companies to use ingredients that are produced through organic farming methods using only green technologies.


  • EWG: American based EWG (The Environmental Working Group) specializes in advocacy and research in the areas of corporate accountability, toxic chemicals, and agricultural subsidies. Skin Deep is a branch of EWG that creates online safety profiles for beauty and other personal care products.


  • ECOCERT: This France based inspection and certification organization was founded in 1991. They do inspections in more than 80 countries, issuing documentation that certifies a company complies with the highest natural and organic standards.


7 Eco-Friendly Skin Care Products You Can Feel Good About Purchasing

Here’s our round-up of the top eco-friendly skincare products to try right now.

Top 7 Eco-Friendly Skincare Products You Should Be Trying

1. Aromatica’s Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil

Peach & Lily’s K-Beauty Collection includes several natural and eco-friendly products from Aromatic. This company is earnest about being environmentally friendly, and it really shows. Not only are they ECOCERT certified, but they are also one of the only Korean beauty brands to be awarded EWG’s Skin Deep Champion Status.

You can feel good about purchasing any of Aromatica’s products because they are toxin-free and they source their ingredients from the native country of origin. We love the Natural Coconut Cleansing Oil from this line because it’s free of mineral oil and silicone. It’s also incredibly gentle and nourishing, with a delightful coconut oil base.

2. Be the Skin’s Botanical Nutrition Serum

Be the Skin is another K-beauty brand that emphasizes luxury and good for you and the environment ingredients. This line focuses on natural, botanical ingredients that are safe for the environment and nourishing for the skin. They incorporate cutting edge technologies into their process to create skincare products that are so powerful, you won’t believe are all-natural.

You will love Be the Skin’s Botanical Nutrition Serum because it contains papaya extract and other botanicals to combat dullness and dryness. It brings moisture to dehydrated skin, achieving that “glow from within” look that we’re all longing for.

native organi deodorant Top 7 Eco-Friendly Skincare Products You Should Be Trying

3. Native Organic Deodorant

Native products are created with the highest quality organic plant extracts. Their products are safe, natural, and produced in small quantities, so they’re always fresh. Inspiration for their products comes from nature and the change of seasons.

Each Native Organic Deodorant has a signature seasonal scent that comes from botanical ingredients. You will love how lightweight this deodorant is, and that it’s made only with pure, natural ingredients like vitamins to give gentle protection that’s safe for you and the environment.

4. Caolion’s Original Pore Pack

Caolion is the first domestic Korean brand to develop their products without the use of mineral oils, parabens, alcohol, synthetic fragrance, and chemical colorings. This company focuses on getting great results through ancient beauty traditions that date back 5,000 years.

If you want super gentle, yet effective skincare that won’t hurt the environment, you’ll love Caolion. Their Original Pore Pack is made of kaolin clay to remove impurities and control oil. It’s especially useful for oily skin, but they have a full line of Pore Packs for all skin types.

5. Morihata’s Binchotan Facial Puff

Morihata is a Japanese beauty brand that’s all about keeping it simple. Their focus is on all-natural ingredients like Binchotan charcoal with no added chemicals, dyes, or preservatives to endanger you or the environment. Only the essentials; nothing more, nothing less.

If you have sensitive skin, you will love their Binchotan Facial Puff. It’s made from the roots of the Konjac plant along with charcoal to exfoliate the skin gently while boosting radiance. It’s excellent for cleansing and exfoliating without causing irritation.

6. Organic Patchouli Shower Gel from Thesis Beauty

Thesis Beauty is committed to providing earth-conscious products that come straight from nature. The company is based in the United States and is owned and operated by a family of vegetarians. Their products are hand made in small batches for the highest quality and freshness.

Their Organic Patchouli Shower Gel not only provides a luxurious lather, but it also comes at a very affordable price point. It provides moisture to thirsty skin and with an intoxicating fragrance in an aloe and hemp oil base.

7. Uka Nail Oil by Kiho Watanabe

Your cuticles need some love, too! Kiho Watanabe products are all ECOCERT and COSMEBIO certified, and they are incredibly popular throughout Japan for pampering your hands throughout the day.

Uka Nail Oils come in a variety of intoxicating scents, including sandalwood to calm, a floral feminine scent that includes rose and jasmine, and an incredibly nourishing Argan oil formula that smells slightly of vanilla.

You can feel good about pampering your skin with these luxurious and eco-friendly skincare products. Your body and the planet will both thank you for being so environmentally savvy!