Tips for Brides Who Are Choosing Wedding Rings

Wedding preparations are always exciting, especially when you are planning and finding inspiration. If there is one thing that you need to prepare for with careful consideration, it is your wedding ring selection. After all, all the wedding decorations, food, and dresses will fade in time, but our wedding ring will not. As a symbol of your love and unity, it will always take you back to the day that you met the love of your life.

Choosing Wedding Rings

As such, you should choose a ring that best exemplifies this moment. With the variety of options you have on the market, choosing the perfect ring can be an overwhelming decision. Here are some options for wedding ring styles:

Classic Wedding Ring Styles

Classic wedding rings are perfect for those brides who want to have the timeless and classic pieces. Here are some of the choices you can have:

Plain Wedding Bands

If you do not want fancy jewels, the plain band is the perfect ring for you. They are free of gems and any other embellishments, and are an excellent choice if you want something that you can wear comfortably as you do your work. However, plain doesn’t have to be boring as you may wrap your band with ring enhancer. You can also choose from a variety of metals, including yellow gold, rose gold, white gold, or even platinum.

Eternity Wedding Bands

Another all-time classic ring style is the eternity wedding band. This design is treasured for the symbolism it possesses. Like the eternal love you have for your partner, this classic ring can stand the test of time. No matter what ring design becomes in-demand, the eternity band will remain among the most sought-after. However, one thing that may sway you away from choosing an eternity wedding ring is that it can be difficult to adjust when your ring finger changes size, as the gems would typically wrap around your finger.

Colored Gem Ring

If you want to add a pop of color to your wedding ring, you can add colored gemstones. There are plenty of choices that you can have, like sapphires, rubies, or emeralds. If you want to be really sentimental about it, you can add yours and your partner’s birthstones.

Modern Wedding Ring Styles

For the modern woman who is not afraid to go all out in her jewelry choices, there are several modern ring styles that you can choose from. Here are some of them:

Wedding Ring Wrap

Wedding ring wraps are perfect for those who want to showcase their engagement ring. It can serve as an engagement ring guard, so it does not slip from your fingers. Go for a design that matches your engagement ring, so it has a cohesive look. You can also add pavé diamonds around the frame to highlight the center diamond further.

choosing wedding rings for brides

Nature Inspired

It is no longer surprising for modern brides to take on stunning pieces and complement their advocacies in their choices. If you are a nature lover, a nature-inspired wedding band is a must-have. You can choose a vining or a winding willow ring design. If you want to infuse some creativity, you can add emerald accents to bring it closer to nature.

Synthetic Diamond Ring

Another modern take on wedding rings would be to have synthetic diamond wedding rings for women. They are extremely popular now, as more celebrities and well-known personalities are advocating for the use of conflict-free jewelry pieces.

These are just some of the wedding ring types that you can choose from for your wedding. Enlist your husband’s help to be so you can opt for a design that matches his wedding ring.

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