6 Things to Remember During Your Early Years of Marriage

Walking down the aisle in your perfect wedding dress, exchanging vows and having fun at the reception is just start. The real hard work starts after the wedding, mainly in the first few years of marriage. Being married to the one you love and spending the rest of your lives together is one of the loveliest things in the world, but a lot of couples tend to get disappointed when any difficulties arise. In order to prevent that from happening, here are five things to remember while you’re still freshly married:

Early Years of Marriage

1. Communication is the Key

Sometimes you’ll have a bad day at work and you won’t feel like talking about it, or something else will make you feel annoyed, and in return, you’ll take it out on your spouse. Or the vice versa, your partner will have an issue and instead of discussing it, they’ll just act out of line. These things are common not only between couples but also between friends, siblings, and co-workers. That’s why communication between partners is always the key. Anything that bothers you, no matter how insignificant should always be brought up and then calmly and politely discussed. That way you’ll prevent resentment from building up and causing further problems.

2. Keep the Romance Alive

The first few years of marriage are called the honeymoon phase for a good reason: you’re in love and can’t get enough of each other. But, as time goes by, you’ll notice that daily routine, finances and family issues will take the best of you and you might start taking things for granted. That’s why it’s essential to keep the romance alive, whenever’s possible. Using weekends to travel or just do fun things together will always remind you why you married each other. For example, having a candlelit romantic dinner or going to a spa together can be a great way to keep that spark going when your life starts consisting of work, eating dinner while watching Netflix and going out with friends sometimes.

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3. Think of the Future

Being newlyweds means learning to navigate the first period of a whole new chapter in your lives, so it’s also important to think of the future and make sure you’re both safe. Taking care of your health is crucial, especially if you plan on having children or have some existing health issues that need to be monitored from time to time. Choosing the right insurance isn’t always easy, and instead of spending a lot of time comparing coverage levels and prices, it’s better to do a health insurance comparison online so you can choose without worrying that you’ve missed something important. Looking out for your health and being insured is one of the sure ways to have a happy and peaceful married life.

4. Be Compassionate and Kind to Each Other

Kindness and compassion should be a part of every marriage, as learning to live side by side might take some adjusting and a lot of communication. Hence, knowing your partner and their needs, desires, moods, habits, and quirks will help you keep your marriage fulfilling and honest. It’s important to point out that being married means having a profound level of intimacy and frankness with one another, so being compassionate and kind is expected, especially when one of you is going through a bad circumstance unrelated to your marriage, such as work problems or uncomfortable situations with friends.

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5. Don’t Forget that Little Things Matter, Too

No matter what some might say, little things often make the world go round. That rule should also be applied to marriage, as doing little things for your partner can often make their day truly wonderful. Of course, you should expect the same treatment in return, but, whatever the case, it’s essential to do things for each other, such as making your partner a dinner after a long day, or surprising them with their favorite candy when they feel a bit down. Knowing how to surprise each other just because it feels nice can bring a lot of positivity into your marriage and make you more connected to one another.

6. Don’t Forget that Happiness Takes Effort

People are often told that happiness is something that just happens if you do things right, but the truth is, true happiness takes a lot of effort. Being honest, learning to respect the boundaries of your partner while also having your own, communicating the issues and controlling your own emotions are things that take time, but once you master them, you can safely say that you’re a happy person. Similarly, your partner should do the same, and when things get difficult, always remember that there is a reason why you’re together. So, in order to be happy, keep in mind that you have to invest effort and work on fixing your own flaws first.

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Marriage can and should be beautiful if two people truly love and have respect for each other. First years of married life can be both exhilarating and challenging, so these six things will surely help you learn how to give and receive love, care, kindness, and understanding.

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