The Jewelry Wearing Etiquette That You Weren’t Aware Of

Adding jewelry to your outfit is always a great idea. It will complement your look and make it look more put together. But, keep in mind that the jewelry should look tasteful. Otherwise, you risk ruining the whole outfit that you carefully planned. Many ladies make mistakes when wearing jewelry. To avoid this, we prepared some very helpful tips for you. Once you go through them, you will know how to wear jewelry properly aka jewelry wearing etiquette. Read on and check them all!

Jewelry Wearing Etiquette

The Rule For Wearing Jewelry On Weddings

When going to a wedding, you certainly want to look gorgeous and elegant. This might trick you into putting on large and sparkly jewelry. But, you should avoid this at all costs. You will look great, but there is something else that you should have in mind. According to the wedding etiquette, guests shouldn’t outshine the bride. It is always better to stick with minimal pieces. Also, avoid wearing bold or plastic jewelry. A wedding is an elegant occasion where you should respect the dress code. Leave out trendy snd edgy styles for other occasions.

Match To The Fabric

Did you know that you should match the jewelry to the fabric? Wearing a thin gold chain with a bulky sweater doesn’t make any sense. It won’t be even noticed. But also, avoid the opposite situation. Don’t wear too large necklaces with sheer and thin tops. A statement necklace will overpower a chiffon shirt, so wear something else.

Cleaning Is A Must

You wouldn’t go out with dirty shoes for sure. So, there is no reason to wear dirty jewelry. Keep in mind that jewelry can tarnish over time. Silver is really prone to tarnishing, so be sure to keep it clean. Use a special polishing cloth to remove the dark spots. Also, you should clean any kind of jewelry in warm soapy water. The thing is that the oils and dead skin cells will transfer to your jewelry when it comes in touch with your skin. Your pieces won’t be as shiny as they were, so give them a nice bath. Rinse with clean water and tap dry with a soft lint-free microfiber cloth. Leave to air dry before you store them. Store your jewelry in special bags to avoid scratches and tarnish.

If you aren’t sure about cleaning delicate and expensive jewelry, don’t do it at home. You should consult with a professional first. You don’t want to damage your precious pieces. Jewelers such as Anne Sportun can clean your jewelry with special methods.

The Two-Piece Rule

Many of you probably own a matching set of earrings, ring, necklace, and bracelet. Wear all of them at the same time won’t look good. Even if they are matching, you shouldn’t wear more than two at once. But, keep in mind that you should pick the best combination. Wear the necklace with the ring and the bracelet with the earrings. If you wear four pieces at the same time, your final look won’t be as tasteful as you expected.

Don’t Wear Jewelry And Sequins

Do you have a pretty dress or blouse with sequins? Let them speak and don’t try to take away their binge. After all, they are already bold and have lots of details. The whole attention should be focused on that specific piece. You shouldn’t try to overpower with jewelry according to jewelry wearing etiquette.

Consider The Hairstyle

Don’t forget to match your jewelry with your hairstyle as well. If you wear your hair down, go for small stud earrings. Since your ears are already covered, the earrings won’t be noticed. Also, your hair will get stuck in them. If you have a short hairstyle or wear your hair up, you can go for large earrings.

Avoid Noisy Jewelry At All Costs

If you don’t mind your jewelry making noise, others around you will. There is nothing worse than drawing attention in the room. Bangles have a really bad reputation for making so much noise when you move your hands. And you don’t want to be “that” person in the room. Avoid jewelry like that at all costs.

Jewelry Wearing Etiquette

Less Is More

The general rule says that you will look better if you don’t overdo it. You don’t want to end up looking like a moving jewelry display. Less is always more when we talk about styling your outfit with jewelry. If you wear large and statement pieces, keep the other things minimal. Also, don’t wear more than one bold piece so that you would comply with jewelry wearing etiquette.

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