8 Wedding Themes You Can’t Miss Out On

Wedding themes can be one of the most fun parts of planning a wedding. There are so many choices, and it is important to find what works best for you as a couple. This blog post will give you some ideas on different styles that may work for your special day.

There are so many different wedding theme styles to choose from. Whether you want a rustic, traditional, or modern wedding, there is something for everyone! One thing that remains true about every theme style is the importance of color. Each year has its own color trends, and it’s important to stay up-to-date with which colors will work best for your big day! For example, this year, we’re seeing lots of blue tones in weddings and yellow hues; both these colors are bright and happy, so they do really well in spring and summer.

Wedding Theme
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As the wedding day means everything to the bride and groom, it is quintessential to consider elements that make sense to you as a couple or as individuals. The things that have sentimental value to both individuals can be set as benchmarks. Then, use some iconic details, inside jokes, and facts, let your imagination run wild to make your wedding day an extension of your time together so that it is a memorable, custom-tailored, and personalized experience.

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To help take the guesswork out of it, we’ve rounded up great wedding theme ideas for each season. The result is a collection of gorgeous spring and summer wedding theme ideas that are guaranteed to capture your imagination. Scroll through them all to find that perfect inspiration for your wedding day.


Wedding Theme
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Couples who want to carry their romantic theme into every aspect of the wedding can even design everything around a specific flower or color scheme. Pastel Colours, hanging chandeliers & lights, calligraphy, and flower walls create a great romantic ambiance for your wedding.


Wedding Theme
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For a wedding that’s sleek and chic, keep your idea modern. No frills! Instead of soft colors and vintage influences (like calligraphy), opt for clean lines. Our suggested way to mix in some romantic touches? Particular linens—think satin, velvet, or corded fabric—can complement the theme without overshadowing the overall concept.


Wedding Theme
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Keeping things simple? Then rustic is right up your alley. This style typically features warm wood tones, lots of natural textures (leaves are always lovely), and an overall cozy vibe. If you are keen on literally doing it all yourself, a DIY rusting wedding can indeed serve as your cup of tea.

A chic and intimate barn or a rural venue can serve as an ideal location for a rustic wedding.


Lots of clean lines may be just what you’re looking for in your wedding design. Imagine glassware and silverware that is elegant but not too ornate. Think also about white tablecloths (without centerpieces), geometric patterns on the dance floor, and maybe some black lights for an extra touch of sleek style. The Elegant Wedding Theme from Little Black Book is packed with inspiration for an elegant event!

Street Art Wedding Theme

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If you and your hubby have an artistic side with a serious appreciation for urban culture, then this might be the theme for you. Get inspired by stickers plastered in different spots around town; utilize street art to create unique decorations like photobooth backdrops or cake toppers.

As long as you keep the design and colors going with your color palette, this wedding theme can be used for any season!

With its relaxed vibe, this style really lends itself to DIY projects. Create an impressive escort-card display by gluing individual wood letters into a wreath: Accented with colorful silk flowers or ribbon in seasonal colors, it’ll be perfect for hanging on the wall or door of your venue. By writing numbers instead of names directly onto wooden skewers, you can make a pretty food “napkin” display too! And since every party needs music, print out song lyrics to hang as inspirational quotes around your reception space – guests will love guessing what songs inspired them!

Classic & Timeless

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A classic wedding is one that will never go out of style—and you can thank Coco Chanel for that, as she was the pioneer of this timeless style. As such, it comes without surprise that a classic and timeless wedding have a lot in common with each other—both include white bridal gowns (or ivory if you’re into marriage equality) and lace trims on the details of your dress. For décor, there’s an emphasis on flowers such as roses and peonies or hydrangeas. And just like Chanel, consider adopting the color beige as your color scheme, especially pearls, which pair perfectly with your attire choices! It’s a beautiful look that is decidedly feminine and will always be welcomed in a wedding venue.


knotting Theme
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Xenu is an astronomy-themed, geometric-heavy design ideal for the astrology enthusiast (since Xenu is the name of a space alien in Scientology mythology). The palette consists of dark hues and neon accents to match the site’s moody atmosphere. Rich typography, custom icons, and fantastic shapes give it an artsy vibe. This theme also has a blog layout with details for each post (including images) to help you build your online community.


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For a beach or nautical-themed wedding, stripes are everything! We absolutely love combining anchor-inspired accessories (chairs, cake toppers, etc.) with striped fabric on this table. The navy blue and white tones are perfect for a spring or summer day! The simple but meaningful cake also blends color trends while adding in texture from the rope design. This would all be topped off with a reception tent decorated with strands of cloth lights. A night under the stars on a sandy New England shore makes us smile…and imagine that we are part of the party!

Are you unable to choose just one out of the multiple fantastic ideas above? It is your wedding, who said you have to play by the rules? Choose the best elements from as many types from above as you like and create the perfect wedding that feels right.

There is no such thing as too much style when it comes to weddings.

Go Crazy!

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