Can You Resize Tungsten Wedding Bands?

A straight answer before we start explaining why you cannot resize your tungsten ring is NO due to the hardness of the material used. Most people buy these rings due to their durability and resistance to weather elements.

Tungsten is a hard and dense metal that depend on their original form to maintain strength and durability. Any attempt to reduce the thickness of the rings will weaken the tensile strength and integrity. Tungsten metals have a high melting point of about 6,191 degrees F (3,422 degrees C). Another obstacle to the possibility of resizing tungsten is to ensure that the kind of furnace is set up in a safe industry furnace.

No, You Cannot Resize but…

The possibility of you getting bigger or smaller depending on what you eat many years after your wedding. The best solution is to make sure you buy the ring from a store with a resizing warranty. What this means that anytime your fingers protest at the small size of the ring, you can take it back and you will get a brand new wedding band that fits the new size. This seems to be the better option because no one will ask for extra money. The only thing that needs confirmation is ownership.

Sizing Options

Tungsten wedding bands have limited sizing options that explains why many stores prefer to cover the rings by a resizing warranty. The warranty demands that the ring owner returns the ring and get a replacement with the correct size.

Benefits Tungsten wedding ring

This metal is one of the hardest metals around, and it will take a new shape even after a direct impact. The physical properties cannot allow a scratch to form and hold polish very well.

What You Need to Consider

Tungsten wedding bands may be durable but very brittle than any metal you know. The ring will shatter when put under sustained pressure. Most tungsten metals are sold as an alloy of cobalt, which changes color when exposed to oil found on the skin.


Before you buy a tungsten ring, make sure that it is cobalt free and has a reasonable resizing warranty.

The Formation of Tungsten

A process called a sintering process that involves putting tungsten and carbon powder in a bowl and then heated in a vacuum furnace. The resulting metal comes out as one piece of metal. Any attempt to try to cut the ring after the forging process.

Tungsten wedding ringWhat Happens in Emergencies

Hoping that you do not get into an accident, removing tungsten wedding bands out of your finger needs a specialized tool like the vise-grip pliers. The pliers can supply enough pressure to cause a fracture and break the ring for safe removal.

With all the answers provided here, it is up to you to decide on the advantages and disadvantages of having a tungsten ring. Make sure you know about the jeweler’s return policy in case you need to change it sometime in the future.

Remember to buy genuine Tungsten wedding bands to avoid issues coming from resizing and return policy.

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