Anxious Brides Spend More: How to Save Nerve and Money on Your Wedding Planning

Wedding planning is commonly associated with stress, nervous breakdown, frustration and a whole lot of negativity leading up to that amazing moment.

In addition to all of these, your wedding day could easily be of the most expensive days of your life as well.

In order to put together an amazing wedding, it would typically involve a lot of planning and a significant amount of spending. It is most likely your first time, so you really don’t know what to expect.

For instance, you need a great photographer to cover the event, how much would one charge?

All of these and more can easily put you on edge and result in you spending more than you actually need to.

All of these can be avoided and here are some tips to help you out:

How to Save Nerve and Money on Your Wedding Planning

1.   Make a Budget

Before you go ahead to execute any plans in line with wedding preparations, this is the first step.

As a matter of fact, it is your budget that would guide you all through your decision-making process on various purchases.

You need to list out all the items that you would need for the wedding and attach a price that you can afford to each. And more importantly, stick to this budget.

A budget helps you avoid getting into debt at the end of the day, and you do not want to start off your amazing new life with paying off debts.

Irrespective of your budget, there is always a way to have your dream wedding. Although you might have to cut back on a bunch of things, eventually, it would all even out.

2. Come Up With a Guest List

Your guest list goes a long way in determining how much you would be spending on your wedding. It’s simple and straightforward; a smaller guest list implies less money to be spent.

You should, therefore, be able to decide on the people that would be at your wedding and those who wouldn’t so that you have a round figure to work with.

Keeping your guest list small is an amazing way to save money on extra expenses and there is enough money to entertain these few guests to the maximum.

For a small guest list, you would typically include the immediate family, close friends, and distant family and friends in that order.

3. Hire a Planner

I’m pretty sure that you would think to yourself “but I want to save money, doesn’t hiring a planner imply spending more money?”

Well, you’re absolutely right, and at the same time, you are missing certain things out. Wedding planners are professionals who take it upon themselves to help you plan your dream wedding.

In essence, you could kick back and watch from a distance as the pieces fall into place. This is great for your peace of mind and ensures that you are relaxed.

Similarly, wedding planners are very familiar with people who render most of the services that you would need and at a great price.

Therefore, you can save money with a wedding planner and stay rest assured that you are getting the best.

How to Save Nerve and Money on Your Wedding Planning

4. Don’t Forget the Little Things

Do you want to have a wedding without so much hassle while maximizing your resources? Then you shouldn’t forget the little things because they might end up being terribly important.

Right from deciding the design for your wedding card to deciding who to send the cards to, this could be regarded as the little things.

Selecting the theme you want, the type of decorations as well as where you want them positioned.

These are little things that you want to take very seriously, especially if you are really picky.

Imagine walking into your wedding venue and seeing the dandelions that you do not like very much in place of roses just because you forgot to mention it.

This goes to show just how important the little things can end up becoming.

5. Take Care With Selecting a Venue

Depending on what time of the year you intend to hold your wedding, you would have to be very selective with your venue.

A summer wedding, which is relatively more expensive than a winter wedding can be done outdoors with the sun and the beautiful skyline. In the winter, you might be needing an enclosed space to protect your guests from the harsh weather.

Similarly, there are on- seasons and off-seasons for weddings during the year, and off-seasons typically do not cost as much as on season. This is one great money-saving tip.

So if you would be going for an enclosed space, ensure it has extra space where you can hold your reception.

For instance, a church with a recreation area or a reception area or even a private home sith enough space indoors for a reception.

This would help you save money on hiring some other venue for the reception.

How to Save Nerve and Money on Your Wedding Planning wedding venue


Now that you have learned ways to save money and retain calm nerves before your wedding, it is time to begin to live in the moment.

In a very short while, you would be married to the man of your dreams and this is definitely something you want to spend your time thinking about.

However, ensure that you have mastered these tips in order to make your wedding go smoothly.

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