Wedding Guest Book Alternatives that are Unique

Wedding guest books are typically a part of most receptions. They are an outstanding memoir of your special day.  There are several things you need to extensively think about when you make your wedding plans. Guest books are one of them since they are the only thing apart from photographs that give you a tangible memory of the day! You need to make sure working on the guestbook is enjoyable for the guests and doesn’t feel like a chore.

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

It is true that the standard guestbooks are timeless and customary but we just can’t turn a blind eye and deny the magnificence of alternatives to the guest books that have come up in recent years. These alternatives can be hung in the house of the newlyweds or serve as a display piece. We all are familiar with the tree guest books and bottle guest books but it’s time you go beyond these and don’t constrain yourself.

The options when it comes to wedding guest books are truly endless. Let’s delve deeper and look at a few unique alternatives that we have shortlisted! We hope by the end of this you will have a rough idea of how your guest book should be!

1 Bucket List on a wooden plank or map

Typically, wedding guestbooks were limited to signatures or well-wishes. Today, with time, what the fiancées ask the revellers to share has seen a transformation. The couple can ask the guests to recommend stunning vacation locations in their guestbooks. These recommendations can serve as their bucket list as they travel through the world as a married couple. The comments can be written on a wooden plank that can later be used as a side table in your house or as wall art. Since this is about places to visit, you can also use a map and ask people to circle out locations and add a sticky note with their name or sign!

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

2 Vintage typewriter

Guestbooks not only serve as a wedding souvenir but are also an element that keeps the guests entertained. This is why most couples are getting over the traditional note writing and adopting newer strategies like a vintage typewriter. Guests can punch out notes typed on a typewriter and put them in a box, engaging in a fun activity.

3 WeddingVideo guestbook

Wedding Video guestbooks are a phenomenal invention! There are tools available today that make the experience even better! All you have to do is design signage aesthetically matching the theme of your wedding, install the prints at every table and all-around your wedding space, and all your guests have to do is film themselves after scanning the QR code on your signage, The videos are automatically uploaded to your app in high resolution and you can sit back and enjoy them post the wedding!

4 Pinata guestbook

If the idea of a cute pinata guestbook doesn’t make your heart drop we don’t know what will! Pinatas are made of papier-mâché, pottery, or cloth, and traditionally have candies stored in them. You can bring in a twist and use these bright, lively and delightful pinatas as a guestbook! Ask the attendees to write their wishes and notes and place them inside the pinata! You can use this as a decorative piece in your house and pull out the wishes and read through them anytime you want!

5 Audio guest book with vintage telephone

Install a vintage telephone at your wedding that records messages! This is one of the most out-of-the-box ideas when it comes to guestbooks! You can set up a counter or a phone booth at your wedding and ask guests to walk in and record their messages! You can then listen to the audio for years to come!

Guest Book Alternatives

6 Globe guestbook

Globe guestbooks offer the perfect blend of minimalistic and modern. You can ask your guests to mark places on the globe that could be added to your bucket list or use a plain black and white globe on which guests can write messages for you.

7 Booklet guestbooks

Today, couples are asking questions about them that the guests answer. They ask for advice in case they stumble upon rough patches in married life, ask about the flaws and strengths of the two and even ask for vacation ideas! You can incorporate such questions in a booklet you formulate and move away from the generic. Distribute fancy booklets with a questionnaire to the guest and let them answer these! These guestbooks will not merely be a memory but will also give you an insight into your relationship and provide you with valuable tips when in need.

Wedding Guest Book Alternatives

There are several other ideas you could utilize. A guestbook can come in any and every form you imagine. You can either use the unique alternatives mentioned above or try out something entirely new. No matter what choice you make, ensure the guestbook is personalized based on your common likings and beautifully reflects the two of you! Take on a creative spin and have a spectacular guestbook designed for your wedding.

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