Buying An Expensive Wedding Gift: 4 Factors To Consider

Getting married is a huge milestone in someone’s life, so it’s understandable that you might want to buy a gift for them that reflects how monumental of a moment it is. But how much should you really spend? It’s very generous to want to spend a larger amount on someone, and this might be the case if the person in question is a close friend or a family member. But before you start shopping and spending, here are a few things to consider.

What is your budget?

It’s easy to find yourself thinking of all these wonderful gift ideas that you just know the couple will love. But it’s important to consider how much you can actually afford to spend. Consider if you would feel comfortable receiving such an extravagant gift if you were in their position and, more importantly, if this gift is going to set you back in a way that will make the next month or two difficult for you financially. Buy what you can genuinely afford, your friend will already have an idea of your income and will know if what you buy was a more than generous idea from you.

Is the gift something they want

Sometimes people can forget that expensive doesn’t always mean tasteful. Consider if the gift you have in mind is something that the couple will want, need, or even like. A good way to figure this out is to take a look at their wedding registry if they have one. As much as gifts are a lovely way to give something they wouldn’t necessarily buy themselves, it should still be something that adds value to their life in some way. So before you buy an intricate and expensive vase, ask yourself if they even buy and display flowers. Perhaps something a little less expensive will be more appreciated, simply because it suits their lives and tastes a bit better.

Are they comfortable receiving expensive gifts?

A lot of people find money a sensitive topic, and for some, the idea of receiving gifts, let alone expensive ones, can make them feel quite uncomfortable. Consider the person or people you are buying for. Will your expensive gift make the feel awkward, or will they be over the moon with your gesture? If that answer is the former, why not think of alternatives? Perhaps a gift of service would be better received, or donating a large sum to their favourite charity? That’s not to say buying an expensive gift isn’t okay, just make sure the couple are people who are comfortable with it. After all, a lot of people would be more than happy to receive a gift they might have been wanting but unable to buy for themselves!

expensive wedding gift

Is it a practical gift for a wedding?

When buying a wedding gift, it’s important to consider whether it’s a suitable or practical gift for the occasion. An extravagant necklace probably isn’t the right gift, especially as it would be more for one person in the couple, so someone will probably end up feeling quite left out. On the other hand, something like a gift voucher for a spa weekend or a holiday is a more thought-out option, as its something the couple can enjoy together and allows them to create memories, particularly if it’s somewhere they might not have thought of going themselves.

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