Top Trending Necklaces of 2022

All dolled up for your outing? Despite being all dressed feel like something is missing? Grab your necklace!

Necklaces have been adored by women since times bygone. They might have been one of the earliest forms of ornaments worn by humans. The earliest necklaces are believed to be made of shells and stones. Necklaces have some inherent quality that just instantly enriches the overall appearance. Necklaces; in simple terms; are magical!

Trending Necklace

Over the years, there have been drastic changes in the kind of jewelry people wore. What started with shells and stones was replaced by fashioned beads; which eventually took the form of metals. Necklaces today can be made out of quite a few materials. What is truly staggering is the patterns and designs that necklaces have been moulded into over years. The intricacies, patterns, designs, forms, and shades are just too fascinating. Even with brand-new designs; the old ones never really lose their demand. Every year has some kind of fashion that defines the generation. Today, this has been widely recognized by the term Trends.

‘Trends’- A term that is being used so often today and rules social media. Everyone wants to be up to the trends to fit in.  Everything across the world undergoes a change or development towards something brand new. Jewelry is no exception.

Here we have compiled the top few trending necklaces that will help you identify with the trends and get you acquainted with the most recent fashion!

Collars and Chokers

Collars or chokers aren’t a new design per-se but are in crazy demand today! The flexibility that they offer is what makes them highly special. You can pair them up with formal or informal outfits. Diamond collar necklaces or chokers especially offer an elegance that is unmatched. A dazzling diamond choker will go very well with a fancy gown undoubtedly but will also look amazing with a crisp white shirt and blue denims.

Memorable Lockets

Lockets have been in the market for several years and yet remain a classic. They are fragile, decent and oftentimes symbolise something you want to keep with you forever. They serve as a sentimental gift and are considered a timeless gift to present your dear ones with. One might expect their demand to decrease with the years, but even today; they are cherished greatly.

Pops of Color

necklaces with pearls

There is something about vibrant jewelry that makes them extremely appealing. It has been observed that eye-catching enamel, bold beads and vivid gemstones made it to the 2022 runways. Jewelry that has bright tints can be paired with an outfit that has an identical shade or you can always mix and match!

Celestial Statements

The sun, moon, stars and other celestial designs are being greatly loved and purchased by the population. The peace and symbolism associated with these and the secretive and mysterious impression that these necklaces create is attracting many women to go for it!

Hawaiian Necklaces

Aloha outfits are spreading like wildfire in the markets today, and Hawaiian jewelry is the best match for them! Not only that, Hawaiian jewelry can easily be paired up with any other outfit due to its simplicity and tranquil. Hawaiian necklaces come in a wide variety; each greatly reflecting the tropical land! The plumeria necklace which is designed based on the exotic flower of Hawaii- Plumeria; is the most popular choice. There are also other designs like the sea turtle, hibiscus, palm tree, pineapple and so on. Each is exceptionally unique and lets you carry a part of Hawaiian culture with you all the time!

Charm Necklaces

Charm necklaces which were in vogue during the ‘90s; are back! They are the most impeccable way to express yourself! You can customize these according to your passion and hobbies. Choose unique gemstones and tokens that reflect your personality and wear the charm necklace with anything you like!

Dainty Minimalism

Dainty layered necklaces incarnate the phrase “Simple is beautiful”. They are not gaudy, look effortless yet stunning! They go the best with casuals and can be your go-to jewelry piece.

minimalistic necklaces

Flat Yellow Gold Chains

These are the necklaces you want to choose if you want to wear something light yet look affluent. The flat yellow gold chains fall beautifully across the collarbone and can enhance any outfit that you are wearing. They can be your quintessential everyday piece.

Pearl Necklaces

Pearls are the ultimate delicate form of jewelry. They have a royal gaze to them and glisten like no other thing. Pearl necklaces have an exceptional lustre and are now being moulded into unimaginable designs making them popular!

 Chain Necklaces

Wear one or layer a few up; it is going to look dazzling anyway. They are minimalistic jewelry pieces that look decent; you can put them on when you are running out of time or can’t find anything that suits your outfit.

trendy necklaces

All the above-mentioned necklaces have great versatility and are ravishing in their own way. Having at least one piece of each in your wardrobe will keep you well-equipped to dress up for every occasion and will certainly make people look at you!

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