Thinking About Getting a Motorbike? Here Are 3 Things to Consider First

A motorbike offers more than just a way of getting from point A to point B. While a lot of people still use motorbikes as a way to get to their destinations, the majority of motorbike owners use bikes for recreational purposes. Riding is fun after all.

However, before you jump right in and buy a new motorbike, here are three things you need to know first.

Getting a Motorbike

Different Engine Capacities

There are multiple types of motorbikes on the market, but the kind of motorbike you get is not the most important thing to consider. What’s more important is the size of the engine you will be getting. Most road motorbikes designed for everyday use come with 150cc to 250cc engines, and they are powerful enough for most riders.

If you have no experience in riding bigger bikes, you want to stick to the < 400cc category. Engines below 400cc are manageable and they are perfect for first-time riders. Yes, it is tempting to get a bigger motorbike with more than 600cc in engine capacity, but you will have the opportunity to do so later once you have mastered the smaller engines.

Total Cost of Ownership

The next thing to consider is the total cost of ownership. I’m not just talking about the price of the motorbike, but also the other fees and costs associated with owning one. You must, for example, get motorbike insurance for your new bike. Fortunately, you can compare motorbike insurance to get the best rate possible.

Use to compare motorbike insurance in an instant. The site gives you access to quotes from the best insurance providers in the UK, allowing you to save a lot of time (and money) while still getting the best rate possible. You may even get bonuses and special deals since this is your first motorbike.

Getting a Motorbike

Comfort vs. Performance

Now we get to the different types of motorbike. You can opt for a laid-back cruiser or a sportier bike depending on your taste and how you want to ride. In most cases, the choice is between comfort and performance.

Performance motorbikes are sportier, have bigger engines, and offer better handling overall. However, they are not the most comfortable to ride on long journeys and they may not fit cities like London well.

Other motorbikes prioritize comfort over cornering and performance. They are designed for long journeys and grand tours; the latter is something you definitely want to try at least once as a new motorbike owner.

Other aspects like where to buy the motorbike, whether to buy brand new or used, and the kind of aftersales service you expect are also important, but the three we covered in this article are the basics you want to cover early. Consider these three aspects and you will be able to find the perfect motorbike to buy in no time.

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