Eco-Friendly Camping Gear: The Ultimate Sustainable Camping Packing List

Camping is one of the most beautiful things in the world and one of the most popular hobbies at the moment. Faced with a ton of stress every single day, modern people are constantly looking for a chance to get out of their homes and get in touch with nature. This is why so many of them are choosing to spend their time camping, but doing that isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

The Ultimate Sustainable Camping Packing List

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In order to make the most of your time, you need the right equipment, and if you really want to show the world how much you love nature, keeping this gear eco-friendly is a must. So, what are some of the most sustainable camping essentials you can find, and what are you definitely going to need on your camping trip?


This should be the first item on your list of priorities, and the reason for that is quite simple – you can’t go camping without a tent, can you? Unless you want to be sleeping under the open sky, you’re going to need a proper tent, but keep in mind that not all tents are going to work for you. Your tent has to be spacious and comfortable enough, and if you want to be eco-friendly, it also has to be sustainable.

Finding such a tent isn’t that easy, though. Not everyone in the camping equipment industry understands the importance of eco-friendliness, which is why sustainable tents are rather hard to find. But, if you invest some time and energy into this research, you’ll surely be able to find a model that fits all your needs and is sustainable enough to make you happy. Or, alternatively, you can opt for a totally sustainable tent that collects rainwater and stores solar energy – it’s made for people who find themselves in the middle of the desert, but it can suit you as well.

Sleeping Bag And Mat

The Ultimate Sustainable Camping Packing List

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Whether you’ve found the right tent or not, you’re still going to need a sleeping bag and/or a sleeping mat. These things can make a huge difference in your camping experience and take it from ordinary to amazing. Also, having a comfortable bag or mat by your side means you’ll be able to get enough sleep, and that’s always important while camping.

What’s even better is that these things can be sustainable as well. If they’re made from eco-friendly materials and include no harmful components such as plastic, you can use them without worrying you’ll damage the nature around you. Don’t be afraid to invest a bit more money into these things because they can last a lifetime and you’ll be able to use them in the decades to come as well.


Some people are so eco-friendly that they use sustainable utensils at home on a daily basis, which is why you’ll be able to find tons of different utensils on the market for your sustainable camping. Made from bamboo or different recycled materials, these forks, knives, and spoons will help you eat your meals properly wherever you are, and that’s crucial for having enough strength to power through your camping trip.



A compact multi-purpose Benchmade knives may be the ideal option if you want something to keep with you at all times. Once you get them, pack them in your sustainable camping bag, and start your new camping adventure right away.

In addition to these things, you should also get at least one bigger knife that can be used as a tool or help you prepare your food more easily. Getting a useful OTF knife that’s made from high-quality yet sustainable materials such as steel, aluminum, and zinc could be a great choice. These knives are useful in a number of different situations, and you can never be too safe when you’re camping in the middle of nowhere.


Lamps And Lanterns

The Ultimate Sustainable Camping Packing List

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It doesn’t matter if you want to spend your evening reading inside your tent or cook something in front of it – you’re going to need lamps and lanterns. This is something all campers know, but what some of them don’t is that these things are highly dangerous for the environment and could do disastrous things to the nature around you.

However, if you’re ready to think outside the box, you’ll be able to find various lamps and lanterns that are actually sustainable and won’t harm our ecosystem. They come in different shapes and sizes, so finding the right one shouldn’t be too hard. These lamps and lanterns rely on solar power and can, therefore, be used and reused over and over again, and that’s something sustainable campers all over the world are going to appreciate the most.

In addition to these things, your camping equipment needs to include things like eco-friendly water bottles and water coolers, sustainable fire starters, and environmentally-aware phone chargers that are portable and powered by solar energy, so start looking for these things ASAP. Once you get them, pack them in your sustainable camping bag, and start your new camping adventure right away!

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