Here’s What You Can and Cannot Store in a Self-Storage Unit

Self-storage may seem pretty self-explanatory: you rent a storage unit and then place whatever you’ve got to store inside of it. But there’s a whole lot more to finding the right self-storage unit than simply price or location. The items you are hoping to keep safe also play a major role in choosing whether you can or cannot store them in the storage unit you’re considering.

Outdoor Lots

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Many self-storage solutions are set up in what appear to be massive parking lots. They are guarded by a gate, of course, and consist of corrugated metal boxes that resemble shipping containers. Sometimes they are concrete structures with retractable metal doors. These locations are acceptable for certain purposes, but many users may find the utility of a site like this to be minimal. The fact is, many people looking for storage solutions need climate controlled storage unitsto fight mold and mildew growth. Keeping spare car parts or off-season sporting gear in a unit like this would work just fine, but start adding books, bottles of wine, off-season clothes such as womens outerwear vests in the summer or men’s linen shirts in the winter, and you will quickly run into a mess.



The simple truth is that outdoor storage facilities are a great option for some types of storage needs, but most of us require something a little higher grade. Keeping your property in an outdoor lot requires a few key considerations. You should not keep your most precious valuables here, because the securitization of an outdoor facility is OK, but not sufficient if you’re planning to use it as a vault-like space. Also, anything that needs to remain out of routine access for more than six months or so should be carefully considered in a space like this.Humidity, moisture, and moldgrow quickly as the extreme temperature changes begin to take effect inside of these units. If you are using the facility for off-season football pad storage, this might be perfect, but if you want keep high quality women’s jackets, rainwear, tees, vests or other sensitive items that need climate control to withstand changing humidity levels and extreme temperatures you should opt for an indoor storage unit. For instance, tokeep a grown child’s memorabilia until she buys her own home would be a no-go. hose belongings just need a little more security and love.

Climate Control

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More often than not, if you are preserving items that are likely to sit in storage for an extended period of time then you will need an indoor, climate controlled storage unit. Outdoor facilities are handy for seasonal storage: they are typically easy to find and access, and you can drive in an out, parking right in front of your unit for easy pick up or drop off. That being said, indoor storage is far more secure. The standard entry procedure is through a secured elevator. One must possess a key or code for the elevator, which will only bring you to your floor, and then a second key for the storage unit itself. It makes the job of protecting your valuables far more manageable.

Indoor facilities are also perfect for storing sensitive items like antiques, musical instruments, wooden furniture, DVDs, CDs, or even finicky fabrics like the kind you might find on high quality women’s jackets. There are a variety of storage unit sizes and the entire space has constant air conditioning to keep your valuable items safe from theft and moisture. Humidity control is a major issue when keeping things in storage, and the indoor solution provides ample protection. This is where you should keep a box of books, or your own vinyl records or any family heirlooms that need special attention.

Finding the right self-storage space for your needs is all about just that—your needs. Obviously, you shouldn’t store anything illegal in a storage space, but, more importantly, you shouldn’t store your valuables in the wrong place because not just any space will do. Think about the items you intend to keep in storage and the duration you’ll be using your storage unit for before making any decisions on where you will ultimately place your belongings.

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