5 Tips on What Items to Bring on a Yachting Vacation

As summer draws closer, your feet are itching for some exploration, and it’s time to prepare yourself for another splendid adventure. You’ve already likely seen many different beachside cities, visited exotic islands, and ventured into the urban unknown corners of European metropolises. What about private yacht charter that can take you across many ports in one smooth, sea-based experience? The time is perfect to settle on a starting point and a great itinerary for your sailing trip, and to start planning your list of essentials for your yachting vacation.

What Items to Bring on a Yachting Vacation

Of course, with limited space on the yacht at your disposal, you’ll need to pack light, but smart, focus on form and function without abandoning your skincare essentials and tending to your inner stylish diva. Start planning soon, and you’ll enjoy the trip even more, stress-free, and with no hassle overpacking.

Here are a few tips to help you plan and prepare!

Think Waterproof Thoughts

What Items to Bring boat

You’ll take plenty of photos, commemorate this incredible journey, and you might also want to bring your Kindle to have reading options, too. In any case, all of your tech and similar gear needs to be properly packed and stored to prevent any water or sand damage. The same goes for your clothing, food, medicine, and any other essentials for the Egypt river cruise.

That said, you should look into waterproof bags and packing cubes to store your garments and sensitive gadgets properly and avoid getting anything damaged in the process. They’ll help you save space and store everything on your yacht effortlessly, so that you can enjoy your first yachting vacation without any worries.

Settle on a Detailed Itinerary

What Items to Bring on a Yachting Vacation

Now, your packing list, your medication needs, and everything else will depend heavily on your itinerary. For starters, you should look into Mediterranean yacht charter options to find a solution that lets you explore these exotic coasts with ease and that will have enough space for you and your travel companions. Depending on the yacht’s capacity and other key features, you’ll know how frequently you should stop and what kind of ports you should visit.

You’ll find this region brimming with sailing opportunities, so you should plan your trip in detail, as sailing leaves you little wiggle room for making changes once you set your course. Croatia’s untamed islands are a perfect getaway for nature lovers with a keen interest in seafood, whereas Italy is always a worthy classic to add to your bucket list.

Stylish, Yet Purposeful

What Items to Bring on a sailing trip

Some accessories will give you confidence, but others will elevate your look and keep you on top of your sailing game. For example, your sunglasses are a must-have for this trip, since you’ll spend so much time basking in the sun, and you’ll definitely explore the vistas when you make your pit stops.

A lightweight scarf or a bandana can help you stay sun-safe, but also serve as a stylish addition to your evening look when you’re about to try a fine Mediterranean restaurant on the shore. Light layers in general are your best bet, so make sure that you have something for colder nights, but there’s no need for heavy jeans or high heels. This is your moment to put all those lighter options to the test!

Don’t Forget Your Skin Needs

Stylish dresses and breezy skirts aside, you also need to think of your beauty kit in the purpose of protecting your pores. The most important ingredient here is your sunscreen, which will help you enjoy your yacht’s view of the Mediterranean without worrying about sunburn or hyperpigmentation. Of course, bring a hydrating lotion, too to keep your skin nourished after swimming in the sea.

Stay Healthy Despite the Waves

vacation on boat

Okay, if this is your first sea-based rodeo, you might experience seasickness, and even the common issues such as the stomach flu or allergies aren’t out of the question. Whether you’re headed for a week-long light yachting trip or a month-long cruise on the Mediterranean, you should always keep your medicine stocks filled. Some essentials for your yachting vacation include:

Antiemetic medication – The kind of medicine to settle your stomach and prevent motion sickness while sailing.

• Flu medicine – Something to handle your fever, a congested nose, muscle aches, and headaches.

• First-aid kit

• Insect repellant – Those pesky creatures won’t leave you alone while you’re at sea.

• Sunburn relief ointments – Although you have sunscreen, this is one of those “just in case” additions to your bag you shouldn’t forget.

Heading out and sailing in the open sea can be quite a challenge, both for your belly and your packing skills. After all, your first thought is, even if you forget something (other than your money and passport), you can just buy it there. When you start sailing, you are bound to the waves for a while, until you reach your next port, hence the need to be smart with your packing decisions and your planning. Choose your yachting vacation route and your perfect stops, pack accordingly, and get ready to have a truly unique and unforgettable summer vacation this year!

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