5 After-care Tips After Applying a Sun Lotion

You could compare sun lotion to toothpaste. Failure to use enough of it or correctly renders it useless. You risk exposing yourself to premature aging with wrinkles, sunburns, and sagging caused by the sun’s exposure. What’s worse, skin cancer lurks with extended exposure to the sun. While no sun lotion guarantees hundred percent effectiveness in blocking UV rays from the sun, the majority of complications from the sun’s exposure are caused by faulty application and poor after-care. So, what should you do after applying sun lotion?

After-care Tips After Applying a Sun Lotion

Sunscreen First Then Moisturizer

The sunscreen lotion has critical elements that need to be absorbed into the skin to protect you from the sun’s UV rays. You don’t want to apply anything that will put a barrier between the sun lotion and the skin. Thick moisturizer applied to the skin before the sunscreen interferes with its penetration rendering the sun lotion useless. Look for a moisturizer that pairs perfectly with your sun lotion to prevent neutralization of either product. Immediately after applying your sunscreen give it about ten minutes to absorb and apply your moisturizer.

Do Your Make-up

Many people make the mistake of applying sunscreen after doing their make-up. Similarly to the argument used in the above tip, make-up may interfere with the sunscreen’s activity. Apply your sun lotion in generous portions before applying your make-up for the day. You might also want to shop for make-up with added sunscreen for that extra shield from the sun.

Re-apply Sunscreen

Sunscreen formulators recommend applying after sun lotion after every 90 minutes. It is believed that sunscreen contents become unstable over time after being exposed to sunlight. Quite ironic but sensible. Your SPF lotion reduces its effectiveness after a few hours and may expose you to sunburns eventually. There is no harm in re-applying even after thirty minutes, depending on how long you stay in the sun. Certain studies show that the more the frequency of application, the more you protect yourself against the sun’s exposure.

After-care Tips After Applying a Sun Lotion

Stay Safe Under the Sun

As earlier mentioned, after sun lotion isn’t 100% protective. Even when wearing sunscreen, you will still be exposed to the sun’s dangerous rays. You might want to seek additional protection like staying in the shade or using an umbrella. The sun is known to be hottest between 10 AM and 2 PM. Avoid staying in the sun during these peak hours as it causes more harm than good. Wearing protective clothing such as long-sleeved shirts, long pants, hats, and sunglasses could help you add extra protection from the UV rays.

Reinstate with Mineral Make-up

Frequent make-up application is unusual for most people. Your morning make-up should take you throughout the day. However, the sunscreen applied in the morning beneath the make-up may have already worn out by lunch hour. Instead of repeating the morning procedure, touch up with mineral-based foundation or powder rich in SPF. Look out for those rich in zinc and titanium dioxide with an SPF 18 or 20.

These after-care tips after applying sunscreen should help you prevent the damage from sunburns and reduce your dependency on anti-aging and skin-repairing products. After all, prevention over cures any day.

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