Top 3 PSD Converter

Nowadays, it is quite difficult to change the extension of the files online without any fuss. However, difficult things have been changed into easier tasks. Fortunately, it has become possible to convert the PSD to a JPG file without doing much. The PSD to JPG conversion can be undertaken on online converters.

Top 3 PSD Converter
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This article contains three separate PSD to JPG converters. You will be able to create web layouts in Adobe Photoshop and convert them into JPG image files.

Here you can learn how to convert PSD to JPG:

1 Convertio PSD to JPG Converter

JPG is the main file extension. Users use it for saving all pictures and online graphics. The main reasons for using JPG file is that it reduces the size of PSD file or image files. This image file extension makes it easier to share and download over the Internet. Convertio offers a free online converter of the PSD to JPG, which enables the users to change file extensions without any difficulty.

In three simple steps, you can convert the PSD to JPG. Just upload the file from the computer, select the JPG option and download the file easily.

2 OnelineConvertFree

This is another excellent online image converter. It helps in converting the PSD to a JPG image file. The website has a great reputation in the market, which is why you can trust the quality of the photos. It would assist you in downloading the PSD into JPG with a single click. So, go to the OnlineConvertFree firstly. Then, you must go to the PSD to JPG converter. Upload your file, and download it in JPG file extension.

In these simple steps, you can download the file into the JPG extension. It does not cost a single dollar while converting the file. Also, you do not have to cancel any ads to download the JPG file.


Top 3 PSD Converter
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3 ILoveimg

User can convert the PSD files to JPG on their computer. They can also upload the files from Dropbox, and Google Drive or other online platforms. The tool is free to use and allows you to upload numerous files to the interface for conversion. During the conversion process, numerous pictures in a PSD file will be combined into one.

You can download the image to your computer. Alternatively, you can also simply store in the cloud.


These are three main tools, which will convert the Photoshop document to the JPG file. However, we recommend you to use the OnlineConvertFree due to its user-friendly interface.

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