Essential Tips for a Successful Magazine Cover

First impressions aren’t for humans only. They also apply to magazine covers looking to make a statement. But it’s not an easy proposition for two main reasons. One, it takes an awful amount of time to settle on the best cover, and two, they receive the most critiques.

To have a successful magazine cover puts you ahead of the competition. This is why it’s essential to follow specific tips that help you attract readers. Some of them may appear easy but since there’s no hard and fast rule to making your magazine cover a success, you’d do well to apply them in your bid to create the spectacle.

Here are some vital tips to help you get going to achieve the best magazine cover.

Essential Tips for a Successful Magazine Cover

1. Get the Color Blend Spot on

Colors do all their speaking. What you want is to give them a room to thrive. So, which should you go for? Green seems to be the most abhorred in terms of magazine covers, while red if used rightly, will hit the mark. This is because it’s a huge draw on the attention you want your magazine to pull.

Whatever color blend you choose to go with should enhance the cover and the general appeal of your magazine. What’s more, you don’t want people looking at your work and wondering what went wrong. Think of it this way: your cover is like a canvas an artist uses to express his thoughts.

Feel free to mix colors. Employ red, yellow, black, white, and a whole lot more. But make sure the blend is spot on.

2. Hit the Mark with a Standout Focal Point

Virtually all successful magazine covers have a focal point. Sure, you can have a colorful cover that’s catchy and might pull a few readers. But with this, you want to stand out. You want a focal point that says “I’m here just for you.” It does a large part of the job.

So, what should be the focal point of your magazine cover? It could range from anything from the cover models you use, or catchphrases readers would find intriguing enough to pick up the magazine or click on it. Either way, you get the readers engaged and willing to spend more than a couple of seconds with your magazine.

Essential Tips for a Successful Magazine Cover

3. Combine Typography with Quality Images for an excellent Effect

With an obvious central image, get your typography right on the mix with the photo. Such combinations will go farther than almost any content you’ve got underneath the covers. Further, it shows the strength of creativity your magazine has. There’s a catch though. Every magazine seems to be all about typography and photos stuff. For this reason, go the extra mile to make yours more captivating. Pay attention to the smallest of details before combining the words and images to make an excellent effect.

4. When in Doubt, Keep it Simple

A simple magazine cover can still resonate with readers. It can still be a success. All you need is a rather strong image to go on a simple background. This will shift all focus from the simple nature of the background to the type. This way, the type is bold enough to captivate any reader.

On the flip side, a plain photo could offer more than a plethora of flashy images. With fewer people, stuff, and complex messages, your cover design will represent a breath of fresh air.

Essential Tips for a Successful Magazine Cover

5. Be Consistent with Unique Styles

Consistency is the name of the game. Even if it’s difficult to maintain, it’s a hallmark of most successful magazines to have styles they can readily be identified with. A magazine cover usually carries a recognizable touch, no matter the issue. However, it should stick out without being boring; something your readers or subscribers have come to expect.

You can use any feature too, as long as it serves the purpose. For instance, the masthead, color, and typography can have approaches that are unique in themselves but consistent throughout the issues you produce.

6. Get Inspired by Past Successes

With magazine covers, you’re permitted to go back in history to draw some inspiration from past successes. Who knows, you might come up with something irresistible. Winning covers abound all around, so get moving with a bit of research to find out how those top covers ranked!

Your fonts, photos, poses, cover lines, and a whole lot more, can benefit from the free inspiration. Also, you get to take note and implement their use of space, colors and typography on your magazine covers.

Final Thought

There you go! Let these tips spur you on to produce the most successful magazine covers!

Author’s Bio: Tobias Foster is a journalist, essay writer, and editor with more than 5 years’ work experience and big ambitions. Philosophy, marketing, and business are his passions. With his wealth of knowledge in these fields, he has produced topnotch contents for various websites. He is a master of his craft.

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