Everything You Need to Know about Cake Smash Photography

Hey, don’t you think that celebrating your child’s milestones and preserving unforgettable memories and birthday portraits are a great way? For unforgettable birthday memories, Cake smash photography is essential. Moreover, it plays a vital role in a messy and memorable birthday celebration.

Everything you need to know about Cake smash photography
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Let me break it to you, the tradition of smash photography involves showing the face of the birthday boy or girl on the Cake. Nevertheless, the task is sure to be an unexpected one. Here is a short guide for making you aware of all the facts you are eager to know. In addition to it, the guide also talks about the best props, outfits, and backdrops for a photo session.

Tips For Colorful, Cake Smash Photography

No specific timing is mentioned for the photo shoot of your child. It depends on when your ward is comfortable for it. You can book a photo shoot when he or she started eating solid food. Here are some tips for the perfect photos of your baby.

    • Firstly, it’s necessary to encourage shy babies to give a pose.
    • For a perfect shot, props are to be kept as simple as possible.
    • The right Cake is to be preferred: The right Cake to smash stands for sponge cakes. The reason is that they are soft, easy, and crumbly for little hands to break-up. Finally, choose the color carefully for the perfect messy fun that suit’s best on your baby.
    • Outfits are your trump-card for a photo shoot: These photos will be treasured family memories. No doubt that you will dress them well for making your ward looks like a prince or princess. Isn’t so?
    • Choose the right set for the photo shoot: Photography is not the monopoly of a photographer studio. You can also do it at your home. But for it, you are recommended to keep in mind the factors like natural light and background.
    • Decorate: In this sense, less is usually more. Some cute bunting or balloons are sufficient for keeping your baby smiley and engaged for the photos rather than extraordinary stuff.
    • Little encouragement is essential for them to go ahead: No doubt that the nature of all the babies is not the same. Some that find things a bit overwhelming needs your encouragement to make them feel that it’s ok to play with the icing. After having a taste, they will be happy to have more. The efforts will help in a colorful Cake smash photography of your baby.

This is all that you wish to know about celebrating the birthday of your ward. The ward will love it whenever he/she will look at them in the future. The photoshoot will make them remember how much you all enjoyed as a family on that priceless occasion.

Smash Photography At Home

Everything you need to know about Cake smash photography

You are your boss to choose the setting if a photoshoot is performed at your home. You can get the desired picture easily, as you will be familiar with the surroundings. Photoshoot at home provides several benefits like:

    • You can control every aspect of the session
    • You are the leader for minimizing the distractions
    • You will be well aware of the favorite area, and best lighting spot for the photoshoot
    • You can remove any unwanted item from the background that distracts your baby
    • Balloons and banners can be got as per your choice
    • You can capture every memorable moment without thinking of a maximum limit

At home, you can prefer any area or background as per your wish. However, choosing the kitchen table for the purpose is a great choice. The table can be adjusted for capturing from different angles. The efforts will help to get the desired photos.

Difference Between A Smash And A Regular Cake

Everything you need to know about Cake smash photography
Source: Pinterest

In brief, smash Cake is a small cake for making your first birthday memorable. The Cake was explicitly made for a baby to do whatever they want with it. The cakes are an entertaining way to introduce babies to their first real taste of sugar. The perfect smash cake size is mentioned as 4 inches.

For perfect Cake smash photography, you can dress the baby girl in an outfit that matches the chosen theme. You can dress them in the way you like. However, during the photo shoot, the girl’s outfit involves a barbie dress with pink frills. Some fun can be added to the pictures by headbands, neckpieces, shoes, and sandals.

On the same token, boys love to play with cars, being in the middle of superheroes and going to space. For boys, inexpensive, unique, and fancy clothes are to be preferred for smash photography.

Various Packages Are Available For Photography

Cake smash sounds nice, fun, and amusing. The sound becomes more adorable and cute when associated with the little ones. Kids are the greatest blessing to anyone’s life. The bond that they share with their parents is priceless. So, it’s better to capture these apples as proof before they match the height of their parents for building their own lives? No doubt that every parent will try their best for it by trying something different and fun. Four popular packages are available in the market for this priceless photoshoot:

    • Silver
    • Gold
    • Platinum
    • Titanium


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Merits Of Cake Smash Photography

A cake smash is an emerging form of children’s photography. The photo shoot is the newly discovered way of getting the most adorable pictures. Here are some merits of the Cake smash photo session.

    • Capturing the innocence: This is the age where they have no one for corrupting their thoughts. So, it will be advisable to go for a photo shoot, as this innocence will always be a part of your life.
    • Adorn your home: Who needs the painting when you can adorn the home with the portraits of your children? This way, you can keep their memories with you forever.
    • Improves your memory: Remembering every stage of life is not an easy task. However, possible by a studio made portraits.

Cake smash photography is all about happy babies and yummy cakes. Celebrate the first birthday of your little champ by smashing some cake for unforgettable birthday memories.

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