Make your Morning Makeup Routine Faster

Mornings can get quite hectic for women, between doing our hair and makeup, grabbing a bite to eat, getting dressed, getting the kids dressed, walking the dog. So much to do in so little time! That’s why most of us are constantly looking for ways to speed things up in the morning and get the privilege of hitting the snooze button at least once.

Here’s a list of tips and tricks for making your morning makeup routine faster.

Make your Morning Makeup Routine Faster

Downsize Your Product Collection through Multi-Purpose Products

Makeup brands have realized that women are tired of having to buy tens of products in order to create a single simple makeup look, so many of them started developing products that can be used for different things.

There are now foundations so high-coverage there’s no need for concealers to take care of those dark circles. Or, you can get two or three shades of multi-purpose skin-toned sticks and use them as foundation, concealer, and contour. Hydrating foundations eliminate the need for pre-makeup moisturizing. You can get a cheek-and-lip tint which can be applied on both areas in seconds. And any highlighter doubles perfectly as an eyeshadow.

With these, you’ll be able to create the whole look with just a couple of products. Saves both time and space!

Get Eyebrow Microblading

The biggest beauty trend of the past decade is definitely having full, thick, yet perfectly styled eyebrows. However, drawing on and filling in your arches every morning gets really annoying really fast.

The solution comes in the form of microblading, a permanent makeup procedure that can give you the brows you’ve always wanted. It’s done by drawing on additional brow hairs on the skin between your natural ones, but the color is applied into the upper layer of your skin, so the results stay on for months, even years. Since this procedure does include needling your skin a bit, there is a period of healing during which you have to follow a strict microblading healing process and aftercare instructions. But once everything settles down, you’ll never have to waste time penciling in your brows in the morning.

The results of microblading are very subtle, so they fit in with all sorts of makeup looks. And if you are a true fan of lush eyebrows, you can always sign up for bold brows training and always make sure to provide your face with eyebrows you can be proud of.

Reorganize Your Vanity

Nothing can slow you down like clutter and you may not even be aware of it.

No matter how big your vanity is, when you’re rushing to get ready in the morning, you’re bound to make even a tiny little mess in your drawers every day. Things get put back in the wrong place, eye pencils and lip liners get all mixed up, products end up with mismatched caps, and glitter gets everywhere.

That’s why you should take the time to organize your vanity or whatever piece of furniture you use to store your makeup so that you always know where everything is and you don’t waste time digging through your drawer. You can get cute organizers in any department store, or you can get a professional makeup case where a spot for each product is clearly labeled and pack everything up neatly.

But it’s all in vain if you disrupt the order within a few days. So when you’re done doing your makeup, take the time to put everything back in its place. Those extra 30 seconds today will save you minutes tomorrow.

Skip Eyeliner on Busy Mornings

We’ll keep this one short and simple – if you’re in a rush on a particular day, skip the eyeliner.

We know, there’s nothing more glamorous than perfectly winged eyeliner, but the chances of getting both sides right in one try are so slim it’s best not to risk it. Otherwise, you have to remove the evidence of the unsuccessful attempt together with already applied products in the area and start all over again.

Instead, go with a smokey look. It’s much faster to achieve and it looks just as good.

Make Sure to Have Enough Brushes

When doing eye makeup, hardly anyone uses just one shade of eyeshadow. You can’t just go back and forth between the shades or you’ll mess up both your look and your eyeshadow pans, so instead of cleaning the same brush between the color switches, make sure you always have at least one clean extra brush.

You can clean them later in the day. The fastest way to do this is by soaking your brushes in – believe it or not – vinegar. Mix a tiny bit of white vinegar with hot water and dip the tip. They may not smell the best afterwards, but they will be thoroughly cleaned from all the bacteria and household dust.

Final Note

The key to making your morning makeup routine faster is simplifying it, or skipping it altogether. So if your mornings get too crazy, it’s okay to go makeup-free from time to time. Not only will you feel less stressed, but you’ll also give your skin a break and let it breathe, even for just a day.

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