Makeup Artist Cindy Rue: “Your Passion Radiates Through Your Work”

“Having passion about what you do is crucial.” – says makeup artist Cindy Rue

To begin, can you please tell us a bit more about yourself and how did your career start in the world of beauty? I have over 19 years’ industry experience starting straight out of school, traveling the world working as a hair stylist and makeup artist. Highly qualified and passionate, with an extensive portfolio including editorial and runway session styling, photo shoots and competitions. My work has been displayed in over 150 salons around Australia and New Zealand and has featured in many fashion magazines including VOGUE Italia.

You regularly work with some of the most beautiful women. How does that shape your definition of beauty? Does everyone look better with make-up? I love natural beauty. I am lucky enough to work with a variety of ages, shapes, sizes & cultural backgrounds and everyone is beautiful. I feel makeup is there to enhance your own beauty. Sometimes it is for other purposes like special effects, stage makeup, a dramatic look for an event or photographic work but in general I think it should be used to enhance a person’s natural beauty or express their unique personality.

What are your favorite Spring/Summer 2017 beauty trends? Step aside contouring, blush is making a comeback in a big way. It’s called blush draping. It was popular in the 80s & 90s using highly pigmented rosy reds, petal pinks to turn your face into an efflorescent colorful canvas. Also

Highlighting isn’t going anywhere, we want a glow visible from outer space.

makeup artist Cindy Rue
Makeup by Cindy Rue

How do you keep up with all the new trends and styles? What are your sources of inspiration? Workshops, master classes, social media. It is important to stay on trend and keep your skills up to date. Having passion about what you do is crucial. Your passion radiates through your work.

What other professional services do you offer to your clientele? I am a fully qualified hairstylist and makeup artist offering all services within those industries including men’s barbering. I have extensive training in hair extensions as well as feather extensions.

Tell us more about session styling. What does session styling usually consist of? Session styling is a team of creatives all working in sync to create something epic. I absolutely love to fast pace rush of session styling, the pressure you are under is exciting and you always seem to amaze yourself how well you work under the pump.

What is one makeup mistake women often commit that they are not aware of? Not cleaning your brushes or sponges regularly enough. Dirty tools become abrasive and dry and won’t give you a smooth and flawless application. Cleaning your brushes regularly will help keep away germs and bacteria that can cause breakouts and infections.

How do you get a “natural” look when you’re doing your make-up? Any tips/tricks? Avoid dark colors and harsh lines. Avoid liners. Lining your eyes and lips emphasis them which takes away from a natural look. I like to use natural tones that clash slightly with your skin tone so you look natural without looking blah.

interview with makeup artist Cindy Rue
Interview with makeup artist Cindy Rue

What makeup looks do you usually enjoy doing on occasions when you can let your imagination go wild? I love colors. We don’t get to use a lot of pigmented colors on everyday makeup so when I get free rein I head straight for the brightest hues.

Are there any products and tools you couldn’t live without while working on set? Baby wipes. I like to keep organized and clean while I work so I use fragrant free baby wipes for everything. Cleaning, faces, hands, makeup mishaps, excess product off tools, work station etc. I am lost without them.

What is one thing that anyone can do to be their most beautiful selves? Find your best feature. Everyone has a favorite or best feature, something that you love the most, something that people always notice or comment on. Eyebrows, Eyes, Lips, Jawline, Hair, Neck etc. Find your ‘something’ and create ways to focus on it.

Why is having a makeup artist essential to a photographer? What can you provide to help images stand out? Personally I think the most important person involved in a photoshoot is the photographer, if you have an incredible photographer then the rest of the team will benefit greatly. However every detail counts to achieving the perfect result and having a professional makeup artist can make the difference between an epic image or a mediocre one.

What advice would you give to photographers when they are choosing a makeup artist? Do your research and check portfolios. Always talk or meet in person before your shoot if you can, to see if you get a good vibe from the makeup artist.

interview with makeup artist Cindy Rue
Makeup by Cindy Rue

Why is shooting for camera and lights different then everyday makeup? It’s all about the light. Lighting and the flash will wash out a lot of the color so you need to compensate for this by applying heavier, darker and more color all while making sure you don’t go overboard.

Tell either the funniest, or craziest story based on your experience as a makeup artist. There are too many stories to tell but working backstage at an event is always a crazy, fun time. Everyone is running around, yelling at each other. There’s makeup, hairspray, pins & clothes are flying in every direction & then you blink and it’s all over.

In your opinion, what would you say is the most challenging part of hair and makeup business? If a client asks for something unrealistic or something that won’t look good on them it can be difficult to convince them to try something you would advise. As long as you know your stuff, you really listen to your clients and make sure they understand you then it doesn’t take long for them to trust you as the professional.

What does it take to be successful in beauty industry? Passion, confidence, effort and taking risks.

What effect do you think the internet will have / has had on the beauty industry? Our industry is ever evolving and the internet is the ultimate tool for us to evolve with it. However there is a lot of negativity around with people who are being “internet qualified” and not getting the proper qualifications or training that has cost many of us a lot of time and thousands of dollars but I feel natural talent is something that can’t be denied and if you are taking your health and safety procedures seriously then you go ahead and keep on slaying….

Where can our readers get connected with you? www.cindyrue.com, facebook.com/famehair , Instagram.com/cindyrue_

interview with makeup artist
Makeup by Cindy Rue

How does a typical day in the life of Cindy Rue look like? There is no typical day for me as every day is very different but in general I get to play with hair and paint faces. I am also in charge of the recruitment, training and the development of models portfolios at Victoria’s Models Canberra where I work alongside a some incredibly inspiring people.

What superpower do you wish you had? Why? Shapeshifting – It would be the ultimate power because you could shapeshift into something with the ability to have any other power, like flying, invisibility or super strength. You could become the master of disguise.

One thing that bugs you about humans is that…? We are always so quick to judge people. Everyone is doing the best they can living the life they have been given. Always be kind, you can change someone’s world with kindness.

Tell us one thing about yourself people might find surprising. I have visited 25 countries and that is only just over 10% of the world.

Thank you, Cindy.

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