Mixing a Pornstar Martini (No Movies Involved)

How mixed drink names are created is probably a story left late to the middle of the night, but there was a backstory for the Pornstar Martini. As a mixed drink, it falls in the category of a full cocktail, combining a solid vodka base with a variety of ingredients including Passoa, lime juice, and passion fruit juice. Some folks even partner the Pornstar Martini with a shot of prosecco at the same time (drank separately). Created somewhere a bit after the turn of the Millennium, the Pornstar Martini does not count as a bona fide martini drink, but it gets sideline reference given its popularity. At one point, the cocktail recipe became so popular, it was ranked the most wanted cocktail in England, which became a bit of an issue as it caused a run on passion fruit at the local grocery stores. A few tried to substitute it with grapefruit, but the results were disastrous given how bitter that choice can turn out.

The Pornstar Martini has likely made a comeback recently as people began to really begin researching mixed drinks being stuck at home thanks to the COVID pandemic since March 2020. No surprise, the more exotic a drink was, the more interested people were in experimenting and finding out how to make it. The Pornstar Martini easily qualified as a candidate, and by 2021 it was an extremely popular choice for online parties and social meets while drinking at home.

How the Drink is Made

The Pornstar Martini is a bit of a medley of flavors, but the ingredients are very straightforward. They include:

    • 5 ounces of vodka, vanilla flavor
    • 75 ounces of passion fruit puree liquid
    • 5 ounces of vanilla syrup
    • A pineapple slice
    • 2 halves of a passion fruit

Starting with a drink shaker, one puts in a slice of pineapple, the vodka, the pulped-up mix of one half of a passion fruit, the vanilla syrup and finishes it off with the puree. The entire mix is shaken with ice and then strained twice before being poured into a cold martini glass. The final mix is then garnished with a full slice of passion fruit from the other half, and the drink is partnered with a shot of Champagne consumed separately. Some folks get a little more adventurous with a few more fruit additives, but at a certain point there is such a reality as too much of a good thing, and the ideal taste experience starts to get thrown off.

Points and Reminders

Keep in mind, when shaking the mix the idea is just to get everything to blend correctly, not to beat it to death with the ice cubes inside. Too much mixing melts the ice completely and dilutes the drink. The goal is to just get the mixture blended consistently and chilled in temperature before straining. Between the Pornstar Martini end result and the Champagne shot, the combination is going to pop in terms of taste and provide a medley of tastes as it goes down. Also, for added taste and zing, don’t use passion fruit the day it is bought. Instead, let the fruit sit a day or two to fully ripen. This will have the strongest taste that will translate into the rest of the drink and the overall enjoyment of the cocktail.

Again, the Pornstar Martini does not count as a true martini drink, so don’t be surprised if a bartender gives a nonplused look when asking for one. However, when it’s time to party with a true cocktail mix, this choice gets a lot of raised hands asking for one.

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