How to Sustain Your Relationship with an ENFP

ENFPs are naturally caring and empathic individuals who place a lot of value on personal relationships. They tend to nurture their friendships and relationships, often acting as the emotional glue that holds everyone together. ENFPs are very committed to their choices; they’ll support their partners no matter what.

An ENFP partner may find themselves surprised by how quickly they will become emotionally entangled with their better half. Before you know it, you’ll be sharing all your thoughts and feelings with your partner and can’t help but feel closer to them for it.

How to Sustain Your Relationship with an ENFP

Here are some ways to maintain a healthy relationship with an ENFP:

 Don’t Expect Your Mind to Be Read

ENFPs love the people they are with and will become invested in them on a deep level. They’ll want to know everything about their partner; what makes them laugh, what angers them, and what moves them emotionally.

Their natural empathic abilities will allow them to see inside of their partner’s mind effortlessly, but asking your partner to do this before they’re ready might make them feel like you don’t trust them.

 Don’t Say No At First

ENFPs are passionate people, and when asked for something, they will often be more than happy to oblige their partners. While this is just one of the things that makes them such beautiful partners, you may be caught off guard when your partner brings you a surprise gift and then immediately asks for something in return.

It’s essential to take your time before responding, and don’t feel pressured into saying yes if you’re not ready to accept.

 Don’t Create Drama

As was mentioned, ENFPs are sensitive to those around them. They’re incredibly intuitive and can literally feel their partner’s pain, even if they don’t know what’s causing it.

It makes them remarkably empathetic partners who will do anything to keep their loved ones happy, but dramatic scenes are complex to watch and can cause the ENFP to become unhappy. Instead of creating scenes, try talking things through with your partner to keep everyone happy.

Don’t Keep Secrets

Don’t keep secrets from your partner; this is one of the fastest ways to lose their trust. ENFPs experience emotions very intensely and will feel the weight of your secrets deeply as well. They’ll never stop loving you or giving you their support, but they’re also incredibly perceptive individuals who can detect dishonesty even without directly asking about it.

 Don’t Ignore Them

ENFP personalities love to engage with people, and as such, will want to spend a great deal of time with their partners. Their empathic abilities mean that they’ll always be tuned in to what you’re feeling, so if you ignore them for too long, they probably won’t even notice, which may cause them to feel ignored. Instead, try spending some time together every day.

 Don’t Gossip

Remember that people with this personality are first and foremost romantic; they want to connect with the people closest to them on a deep emotional level. They aren’t necessarily that way naturally, so it’s best not to force them into a situation they’re uncomfortable with.

If you sense that your partner feels insecure in the relationship, try doing things together or engaging in activities that are a shared interest.

 Don’t Make Dual Decision Making a Chore

ENFPs want to please their partners and will be more than happy to submit themselves to the will of their significant other at times. It’s easy for their partner to take this for granted or forget that it isn’t a natural inclination for them, but try not to do this if you want a healthy relationship with your ENFP.

They love experiencing new things and will want to explore and experience everything life offers with you by their side. As they progress in their lives, make sure they still find time for the things that excite them most; it’s one of the best ways to keep your relationship happy and healthy.

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