Ladies tie transformation which wowed thousands around the world

There is a stereotype that ladies wear ties because they enjoy looking masculine, but have you ever seen a tie that looks more feminine than an accessory borrowed from a men’s outfit? Bebrave Textiles designed a ladies tie which looks like a necklace or a scarf rather than an ordinary men’s necktie. It is so versatile that can be incorporated in a variety of outfits, – from a smart-casual look to breathtaking evening ensembles. Most importantly this fashion accessory is sustainable because it is redesigned from vintage neckties.

ladies tie by bebrave textiles
Bebrave Textiles

A tie as a statement

What is the first name which comes to your mind when you think about women wearing ties? Marlene Dietrich, Katharine Hepburn, or maybe Madonna? All of these women have the same features: they were/are charismatic and independent personalities. In most cases, women are choosing to wear neckties if they want to make a statement. They want to show that they stand for equality or fight for women’s rights, some of them demonstrate their sexual orientation or want to show their support to different social groups. Some of the women just want to stand out from the crowd. A lady wearing a tie can’t be unnoticed. It’s a perfect fashion accessory for those who want to be original.

The most feminine tie on the market

Bebrave Textiles proved that a tie can be more feminine than masculine. Ladies tie which is handmade from a few different vintage neckties, pre-tied, with an elegant button and loop closure at the back of the neck and decorated with hand-rolled roses, vintage brooches, rings, earrings, and everything that can be reused and become an original ornament. Such fashion accessories are shorter in length and come in a variety of designs: petite, slim, “fly tie”, – which is made from few wider neckties and reminds a cravat or if you look at it more artistically – looks like an insect. For those who like a more masculine look, long ties are also available, that are also pre-tied but have adjustable necks.

ladies tie by bebrave textiles
Ladies tie by Bebrave Textiles

How to wear ladies’ ties?

The most popular way to wear a tie is with a shirt, under the collar. A formal suit is a stereotypical look borrowed from a men’s wardrobe.  Ladies tie is a unique fashion accessory rather than an ordinary men’s tie, so for a more relaxed look, it can be worn inside the shirt, with few buttons opened or even with a collarless blouse on a bare neck, just like a necklace. It can be paired with polo neck tops, cardigans, and sweaters and for evening looks worn with dresses. A little black dress and petite style red colour tie will create an unforgettable look! For a more adventurous look this fashion accessory can be paired with an opened back dress and worn at the back. It is possible to create a number of different looks with only one tie and it’s the matter of your fantasy and experimentation.

wearing ladies tie by bebrave textiles
Wearing ladies tie made by Bebrave Textiles

Choosing the right tie

Ladies tie is more than just an ordinary fashion accessory. It reflects your personality and even can share a strong message. Maybe you love butterflies or maybe the red colour brings you luck. Listening to your heart is the best way when choosing the tie. Nevertheless, the right length and width tie can compliment or distort the figure, so a tie should be chosen according to the body constitution. For example, longer ties look better on tall ladies, whereas petite women should choose shorter neckties. For bustier ladies wider ties are a better option and women with narrow shoulders should choose slim style neckties. If it’s your first women’s tie, you’ll probably wonder which colour to choose that could be easily incorporated in a variety of outfits. It is always a good idea to go with a multicoloured tie because it will be more versatile unless you’re looking for a tie for a specific outfit or occasion or you already have a collection of neckties and want to add something charming.

neck accessory by Bebrave textiles
Ladies neck tie by Bebrave Textiles

Caring for our environment

Choosing a sustainable fashion accessory which is redesigned from unwanted materials has few great benefits. It means a cleaner environment and that nobody else will have the same item, just you. Handmade ladies tie is a better quality and durability than massively produced ties. Introducing more eco-friendly approaches in our lifestyle is definitely a new trend and inevitable practice. Bebrave Textiles proved that handmade, upcycled accessories can be high-fashion quality. It doesn’t matter why you decided to wear a sustainable ladies tie, – you love the idea that it’s borrowed from men’s outfit, you want to look unique or want to save our environment. It’s time to change the way we’re thinking and what we’re wearing.

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