Expertise and Tailoring Fabrics

When talking about tailor’s shops and fabrics, it is usually taken to include the evolution of the profession, a progressive artistic journey with needle and thread, fabrics by the metre, paper patterns and mannequins. It is a world, an absolute symbol of men’s and women’s fashion, the expression of an ancient tradition, a history, a profession that evolves continuously through the new fashion trends that, in turn, are reflected in the colours and designs of tailoring fabrics.


The importance of choosing fabrics

After choosing the tailor’s shop and the fabric, it is then necessary to choose the lines according to which the dress, suit, jacket or trousers will be drawn and then created.

When making a garment, it is always necessary to choose a fabric able to emphasise men’s elegance, so as to make men feel comfortable in any situation. Apart from being fine and comfortable, tailoring fabrics dedicated to men’s suits must also be able to enhance the personality of the suit and the character of the wearer, as well.

In recommending a fabric to create a jacket, each tailor selects from their own bunches those fabrics that, also thanks to lines and cut, are capable of giving a touch of class to the outerwear. Details such as linings, buttonholes or buttons in fine materials then add a touch of elegance to the finished product.

Last but not least, there are sartorial fabrics dedicated to the creation of trousers. The search for and selection of these fabrics and remnants must be particularly meticulous because their characteristics determine the fineness of the sartorial garment, the elegance and the type of cut, and they are also fundamental elements to enhance the personality of the wearer.

At the tailor’s shop, besides choosing the garment to be made, it is necessary to have a clear idea of the occasions on which the garment will be used.  The type of event or the time of the day at which the garment is used have a non-irrelevant impact on the choice of the fabric.

Fabrics for daywear

In the huge variety of clothes, daywear is a precise point of reference within the rules of formal dressing. These clothes can be worn without problems or hesitation, for almost any event, thanks to the fact that they are made with yarns and materials that emphasize the quality and sophistication of the style.

Expertise in material

Fabrics for business clothes

Fabrics for business clothes are intended for extremely formal places and situations, where the style and fineness of the garment must go hand in hand with the personality of the wearer. It is for this reason that the tailoring fabrics dedicated to this type of garments are extremely rich without being ostentatious.

Expertise and tailoring fabrics


Fabrics for classic clothes

Classic clothes are present in every wardrobe and still symbolise timeless elegance, although fashion trends have always tried to change their traits.

Among classic garments it is worth mentioning the blazer —halfway between a cardigan and a jacket—with buttons that almost always show up on the fabric. Perhaps it is the very fabric used to make this classic jacket that makes it both casual and formal, emphasising an innate elegance in both cases.

Expertise in fabrics

Fabrics for party dresses

At tailor’s shops, in addition to fabrics intended for classical or daily garments, there is always a section dedicated to party dresses. Fabrics dedicated to party dresses are fabrics of very high quality, prestige and fineness that, thanks to these shiny characteristics, can ensure the creation of dresses and suits for parties and events. Customisations, together with tailor’s changes, then add a further exclusive touch and embellish the finished garment.

For more detailed information, and also to know the complete range of fabrics, please refer to the research article on “Tailoring fabrics, the basis for the culture of beauty”, which is an authoritative source in the field of fabrics.

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