7 Extraordinary Sacred Sites in the World

The world is a fantastic place full of holy sites that are believed to create a connection between humans and the Almighty. What makes these places extraordinary is their incredible location and architectural designs. While some people visit these places to get a spiritual awakening, some go there to admire the historic design coupled with both beauty and tales. Below is a list of the 7 most extraordinary and sacred sites in the world.

Badrinath Temple in India

Badrinath Temple in India

Badrinath Temple in India is one of the most sacred sites in the world. The location of the temple is strategic, and it is known to be the meditation site of Lord Vishnu. The temple lies between mountains Narayan and Nar. Its architectural design is timeless, and the incorporation of bright colors makes it stand out. The temple is known to house the stone image of Badri Vishal. It is also the best place to go if you want to see more idols of Hindu gods and goddesses. The beauty of the temple and the design is aesthetically stunning.

The Garden Tomb in Israel

The capital of Israel was declared a sacred site by the first Israeli prime minister in 1949. It is in the capital, Jerusalem that you will find the garden tomb which serves as a holy place for at least three religions. This place is known to be the location where Jesus was buried and resurrected. It is a place that is visited by believers from all over the world. While at the garden tomb, you will hear pilgrims singing familiar hymns in different languages. It is so far one of the most moving places on earth.

The Garden Tomb in Israel

Mount Sinai in Egypt

If you roll out a scratch map deluxe edition, you will notice that Egypt is a country at the top of Africa bordering the famous red sea. It is on Mount Sinai that Moses is said to have received the ten commandments. The place has always been considered sacred, and there are even monasteries built in the area. The peninsula also has a chapel with stunning views. You can only get there by road. It is one of the many sacred places in Egypt that are known to have hosted the presence of God.

Temple of Heaven in China

The temple of heaven in China is a sacred and extraordinary place that contains a complex structure dated back to medieval times. It is where early emperors of powerful dynasties such as Qing and Ming visited to pray to their god. The whole temple stretches for about 2.73km, and it has a total of three sections. There is the majestic vault of heaven and the hall of prayer for a good harvest. Emperors would frequent this place to pray for a good harvest and have a connection with their god.

Temple of Heaven in China 7 extraordinary sacred sites in the world

Spanish Synagogue in the Czech Republic

The Spanish synagogue in the Czech Republic is not only one of the most valued sacred places but also one of the most beautiful temples in the whole of Europe. Its architectural design is impressive, and it is known to fascinate everyone who visits the place. The interior of the synagogue has geometric carvings and other incredible paintings. Close to the doorway, there is a nicely done statue of the famous author Frank Kafka. The temple is known to be both iconic and monumental and one of the most respected places in Prague, Czech Republic.

Lumbini in Nepal

Lumbini in Nepal is one of the most celebrated sacred sites in the world. It is known to be the birthplace of Buddha, the Hindu god. People from around the world visit Lumbini to learn more about the life of Buddha. The place also has a considerable number of monasteries, temples and landmarks dedicated to Buddha. If you want to have a spiritual connection with Buddha, Lumbini is one of the best places to be.

Lumbini in Nepal 7 extraordinary sacred sites in the world

Holy Basilica of San Vitale in Italy

This church is not only an iconic structure but also one of the sacred sites which also acts as the UNESCO World Heritage site. Its amazing art and timeless design make it among the most visited places in Italy. The ancient walls are still strong, and the design is stunning. If you are an architectural enthusiast, you will have an excellent time visiting the Basilica of San Vitale.Holy Basilica of San Vitale in Italy 7 extraordinary sacred sites in the world

Bet Giyorgis in Ethiopia

It is a fantastic 12th-century church that has an incredible history. It is famous for being among the few churches that are carved from the bedrock. The idea was to develop structures like those of Jerusalem. Bet Giyorgis, which translates to the Church of St. George, is a perfect place for anyone who wishes to have a memorable time. Here one can enjoy both its architectural significance and its religious background.

extraordinary sacred sites in the world

Those are a few among the many places that are known to be sacred and extraordinary. These sites are known to attract a vast number of people, both religious and tourists. They hold a significant position in their countries while some act as UNESCO World Heritage sites. The history behind their existence is incredible, and it is the reason why they are recognized worldwide.

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