Trendy Men’s Wedding Rings with Wood Inlays

The latest trend in men’s wedding rings is wood inlays with a touch of warmth and sophistication. Wooden rings create a striking contrast against metals together with a natural, organic appeal. Wooden wedding rings for men have symbolic significance, create a one-off look, and come in varied colors and shapes. Polished wood adds a touch of classiness and elegance to wedding bands while a deep grainy texture means visual depth.

According to an article published on, wood has taken its place when it comes to stylish jewelry, watches, and gems. So let’s read on to learn more about men’s wedding bands with wood inlays.

wood inlay ring


Oak is preferred due to its durability and toughness, a wood that is reddish blond in color with deep and dark highlights to make your wedding ring look unique and stunning. An oak-inlaid ring would look spectacular with metals like yellow gold or rose gold. You can opt for wood to represent the power of your love and bonding with your partner.


Koa trees are widely found in the Hawaiian Islands, producing a stunning and treasured wood that comes with a warm brown shade with the hues of red as well as a deep vertical grain. The locals perceive koa as a fighter, which is a perfect choice for men with very powerful personalities. You can choose a koa inlaid wedding ring for your prince charming if he is brawny and loves the ocean. You can pair koa wood rings with warm and white metals.

wood inlay ring
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Olive wood is associated with Italy as well as other warmer regions like Africa. Wedding rings with olive wood inlays feature subtle caramel shades and warm browns with a grainy texture. You can gift your man this ring to symbolize heritage or to signify ‘the good of charity’. You can accentuate the heavenly color of olive wood with a lasting white metal like tungsten.


When it comes to padauk, which is common in Africa, the wood has a warm touch with a more or less, orange color. Did you know that the pillars of the temple of King Solomon were made of padauk? If your prince charming has wisdom and intelligence, surprise him with a padauk inlaid ring and pair the same with rose gold for additional warmth. He will love it.


As far zebrawood is concerned, it is unique that mixes dark stripes with light brown shades akin to the beautiful creature zebra. The wood is native to South Africa and symbolizes luck and love. So if your man loves you and lucky for you, you should delight him with zebrawood inlaid into a lighter metal such as tungsten to create a striking contrast and grab attention to the awesome grainy look.


This wood is native to Europe, especially in the Carpathian mountain areas. The deep hue of elm blends best with vintage rose gold as well as conventional yellow gold. You can also consider a black ceramic ring to make the ring more beautiful and unique if Carpathian is your choice.

Final words

Wood rings reflect the style, elegance, and personality of your man. Choose warm metals or include gemstones like diamonds or sapphires for that classy, elegant look.

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