5 Types of Stylish Cufflinks Fashion Conscious Men Wear

All men who like dressing tastefully know that a fashion statement is not complete without accessories that enhance the style and color of one’s attire. And one of the trendiest collections you can add to your wardrobe is to transform yourself into a gold buyer by choosing carat gold jewelry and cufflinks.

Types of Stylish Cufflinks Fashion Conscious Men Wear

Actually, cufflinks are a smart way to spruce up your office attire without going against the office dress code. They are particularly good in adding color and variety to clothes that in other circumstances can appear neutral and understated. How else can you enhance the look of a plain white shirt, for instance, if not by accessorizing?

What Type of Cufflink and Color Should a Man Wear?

When it comes to the type and color of cufflinks a man should wear, it all boils down to an individual’s personal tastes. However, certain fashion ground rules apply. If you are just starting out on wearing cufflinks, you will probably go for gold or silver. But it is important to remember that cufflinks that do not match your wristwatch and belt buckle can be a turn off. Since silver blends well with many colors, it is a favorite choice for a man who enjoy grooming their look.

Types of Stylish Cufflinks Fashion Conscious Men Wear

Are Studs and Cufflinks Similar?

It is important to clarify the difference between cufflinks and studs before we proceed. Even though these two types of accessories are ideal for formal occasions, the purposes they serve are not the same. So often, people are inclined to mistake one for the other. But whereas studs are decoratively fastened through the buttonholes on the frontside of tuxedo shirts, the cufflinks are used to clasp a shirt’s cuffs. Some cufflinks can be found in form of studs.

Types of Cufflinks

Cufflinks are available in various styles ranging from stud/button, whale back, knotted, locking, fixed backing, chain link to ball return cufflinks. Most of them basically have three parts namely: the face which displays the design and holds a gemstone, the post that slips through the button holes and attaches to the toggle, and of course, the toggle which rotates through 90 degrees to lock or hold the cuff into position.

Of the many varieties of cufflink designs out in the market, some are more popular than the others, although all of them form important formal jewelry that men traditionally wear. Used for fastening together the edges of shirt cuffs, typically they are worn during formal occasions. Some popular designs feature linked studs and tiny rotating clasps.

Types of Stylish Cufflinks Fashion Conscious Men Wear

A Unique Type of Cufflink

A unique type of cufflinks is styled like buttons because they look like studs or buttons, but they are a single-piece design. They are favored because they come with similar design patterns on both faces. To wear them, you have to turn them through 90 degrees to slip a section through the cuff holes and then turn them back again to fit into place.

On the whole, when choosing cufflinks you do not have to be afraid of choosing those that correctly convey your tastes and personality.

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