Top 10 Makeup Trends for Summer 2020

Although the first part of the year 2020 left a lot to be desired, the situation is looking up. As many countries around the world begin to open up and slowly return to a somewhat different normal, we can once again return outside and begin to enjoy the first summer sun rays. What better way to celebrate the wonderful weather and the newly rediscovered freedom than to enjoy some bright, uplifting colors and update your makeup routine? Straight from New York, London, Milan, and Paris runways, here are the top ten makeup trends to follow in 2020.

summer makeup trends
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1. Emphasized Blush

If we had to describe summer 2020 makeup trends in only one word, it would definitely need to be: luscious. Get ready to greet the world around you positively and fiercely and make sure not to forget the blush in the process.

This summer, we will be seeing a lot of blush, and not only on the cheeks. Feel free to experiment. Extend the blush from cheeks up to the temples and even onto your eyelids. The result will be romantic and impossible to pass unnoticed.

2. Neon Eyeshadow

Hoist your colors in celebration of the summer ahead. Don’t fear to go bright and attract the attention of everyone around you. Treat the upcoming season as the best time in your life and it will respond in kind.

The use of bright, colorful eye makeup will be a good choice for a fancy dinner and pool party alike. Neon shades will rule this summer, all you need to do is find the color that suits your complexion best.

3. Hot Pink Lips

If you’re generally not a fan of bright makeup and rather opt for a bit of concealer and a touch of mascara, don’t worry. You can still be trendy this summer if you add just one thing to your regular makeup routine: a hot pink lipstick.

If your complexion is light, this trendy look is going to be just the thing for you. Add a touch of soft pink accents somewhere else, too (in the form of eyeshadow or blush) and the look will be flawless.

4. Graphic Floating Eyeliner

Here’s another great tip for girls who suffer when wearing a lot of makeup during summer. You don’t have to work too hard to look stunning this season, but you will need some practice with this trend before you can take it outside.

Play with thin graphic lines and let your eyeliner steal the show wherever you are. Combined with a lightweight foundation and transparent lip gloss, it will be a real winner this summer.

summer makeup trends
Source: Pintrest.com

5. Full, Attention-grabbing Lashes

The trend that never seems to fade and only comes back stronger is here again: This summer, get used to seeing full, memorable lashes.

Don’t be afraid to go a bit overboard, especially if you’re planning a fancy evening out. Essayhave.com and academic writers online contributor Christina Wilson suggests combining this look with a small black dress for maximum effect.

6. Feathered Brows

Keeping your brows in perfect shape takes a lot of work, but this summer it won’t have to be so. Feather eyebrows are in, and they’re here to stay. Instead of spending precious time using brow pencils and powders to get that “perfect” look, simply brush your brows up with a brow gel, and they will look exactly right.

This trend will work for both girls with light and dark eyebrows, so make sure to give it a shot and see how this look makes you feel.

7. White Eyeliner

If you’ve taken your time to experiment with your eyeliner and created some interesting graphic looks, that’s great. You should know, however, that you can also keep it simple and try out some different colors as well.

If you’re feeling especially inspired, take the graphic floating eyeliner trend up a notch: Create clean, straight lines with white pencil and check it against your skin. It might be just the look for you.

8. The Palette is Pink

And you don’t like yellow tones and you know that peachy palette isn’t going to do it for you this summer, go ahead and play with different shades of pink. Whether you decide to use only a touch of it on different parts of your face or opt for a single sweet spot is up to you.

The combination of light, dreamy pink blush and feathered brows will make you look like a princess in summer 2020.

9. Multi-pastel Eyeshadows

If going over the top makes you feel self-conscious and you prefer pastel tones instead, you’re in luck: Besides different shades of pink, this summer you can also experiment with other light, romantic shades on your eyelids.

Try out the blues, lilacs, and teals to get the dreamy, delicate summery vibe everyone’s going to love this year. The softness and innocence of this look will fit you just perfectly.

10. Glitter Galore

Even if the last time you played with glitter was when you were a little girl, now’s the time to give it a second chance. The sparkle will become one of the main focus points of summer 2020, whether you decide to place it along the cheeks, on your eyelids, or, like Gigi Hadid wore it in the Off-White show, right across the bridge of the nose.

To make sure your skin remains good-looking and healthy, opt for biodegradable, non-plastic glitter, and you’re good to go.

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