Top 8 Vegan Leather Bags You Should Know About

Over the last year few years, the fashion industry has been taking strides towards what you may call sustainability in an effort that it can try and reduce the industry’s collective carbon footprint and avoid animal cruelty.

One of the most popular trends that have come out of this is vegan leather bags.

You should know that vegan leather is the alternative to genuine leather that uses a blend of animal skin and synthetic plastics.

They are plant-based leather that can sometimes give you the impression of real leather. Most designers are now proving sustainable fashion that is not only ethical but also stylish.

As those who consume such products, you must decide how to reduce carbon footprints. How will travelers buy into this trend?

It’s easy, you can start with your own travel bags. The following are some of the vegan leather bags in the market that you can go for.

1 The Stella McCartney faux-leather tote

Stella McCartney has been a leading brand for the last few years. It is also known to be leading on the side of sustainable fashion since the brand was first launched.

Most of their bags are made from 100% vegan materials, and this is proof that sustainability and luxury can go hand in hand. This is something that is worth investing in.

2 The Mali & Lili reversible vegan tote

The Mali and Lili tote is a bag that you can easily carry to your business meetings or even to the beach. You can wear it with some sleek vegan leather on the outside and reverse it for your topical weather.

The Mali & Lily reversible vegan tote accepting guest posts

3 The Urban Originals splendor vegan leather backpack

Looking for vegan leather bags, especially backpacks, can be tricky. However, this backpack from the Urban Originals is something that you should go for. This is your perfect bag for exploring new cities.

4 Angela Roi Hamilton Round cross-body

Most people do not believe that Angela Roi’s are not actually real leather. The cross-body bag is an animal-friendly bag that is fit for all occasions.


Angela Roi Hamilton Round cross-body sheeba magazine guest post

5 Pixie Mood Ashton Backpack 2

This is a vegan backpack by Pixie Mood and known to be very sleek in its design. It has a very spacious interior with multiple compartments and pockets.

6 Nanushka vegan leather belt bag

Nanuska has now taken the fashion world by storm with some of its most stylish collection of vegan leather clothing and some of its accessories. This is the belt bag that you can use, especially during your travels.

Nanushka vegan leather belt bag

7 Topshop spark leather hobo bag

This is one of the most sophisticated bags that you can go for. It is affordable and also ideal as it is an alternative to real leather.

8 Von Holzhausen large shopper

The Von Holzhausen large shopper is known to be small in its design. Most ladies love it because it is elegant and also light in weight.

When you have these many bags, it’s easy to choose based on your convenience. Fashion doesn’t have to come at the cost of harming the environment.

Vegan Leather Bags You Should Know About

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