5 Easy Ways to Save on Designer Pieces

5 Easy Ways to Save on Designer Pieces

Designer pieces, they’re everywhere, so it’s no surprise that many of us want Birkin bags or Chanel clutches, basically anything that looks fabulous and has a designer logo proudly displayed somewhere where it will be noticed. Anyway, no matter what some might say, longing for designer pieces isn’t something to be ashamed of, considering that they’re made of quality materials and are designed to last longer than your average low-end clothes and accessories. Yet, many people continue to pine for their Fendi’s and Louis Vuitton without actually doing anything to obtain those designer bags, belts and shoes, probably due to thinking that these things are already over their budget limits.

If you’re one of these people, don’t despair, because here are some easy ways to save some money and finally get those designer pieces without spending the fortune:

1. Make sure to look online

5 Easy Ways to Save on Designer Pieces

Many places sell second-hand designer bags, shoes and even clothes, so if you’re completely aware that you can’t get yourself an original piece, then feel free to search Amazon, eBay and other online vendors where you’ll be able to find used designer items, some of them in excellent condition, too. Doing this will definitely save you money, and additionally, buying second-hand is great for the environment, so if nothing else works, don’t hesitate to browse webshops and personal ads because, chances are, you may be able to find truly stunning and expensive designer items for very reasonable prices.

2. Save your money first

5 Easy Ways to Save on Designer Pieces

If you’re really determined to get that product nicely put in an original wrap, then there’s no better way than to actually save your money and get the product the first chance it’s convenient. There are multiple ways to save your money for one specific goal, just make sure to curb your everyday expenses so you’ll actually be able to save the amount necessary for buying an expensive designer piece. This method can be useful if you’re looking to buy one specific item because then you’ll be able to track your progress until you collect the full amount you need. Besides, controlling your spending urges can teach you a valuable lesson about endurance, self-control and independence.

3. Wait for sales

5 Easy Ways to Save on Designer Pieces

This is probably the most effective way to get your favorite thing without spending too much. In that case, it’s recommended to sign up for email newsletters so you’ll be informed about discounts and other enticing offers from your favorite designer brands. Long gone are the days when exclusive brands aimed for elite clientele only, because nowadays, anyone who has enough money to spend is more than welcome to purchase anything. That’s why more and more brands are offering discounts aimed at literally anybody, so purchasing luxury leather men’s bags isn’t something reserved for the richest, because nowadays almost any fashion-conscious guy is able to enter his favorite designer store or shop online.

4. Don’t get too influenced by passing trends

5 Easy Ways to Save on trends

Trends do come and go, so just because one type of outfit is everywhere, it doesn’t mean that in a few months it’ll be equally fashionable and must-have, so in order to save money, make sure to shop for things that are considered timeless and classic, such as Chanel classic handbag or Louis Vuitton travel luggage. Things like these are considered signature designer items for a reason: they’re elegant, durable and well-made. If you still like following trends, then make sure to shop at less expensive stores such as Mango or H&M, and save your hard-earned money for designer pieces that are meant to last.

5. Don’t compete with others

5 Easy Ways to Save on fashion

Some people feel like buying designer clothes and accessories will make them become more respected and appreciated, but that’s not the case. On the contrary, people who blindly insist on purchasing only designer pieces are often seen as shallow and materialistic which is something you definitely want to avoid. Some people will always have more than you, and that’s perfectly fine. Your belief of self-worth should never be determined by number of expensive designer pieces you own at home. Similarly, comparing yourself to others will only make you feel resentful and depressed, no matter how many material possessions you have.


If you’ve always dreamed of owning one specific designer piece, then feel free to save up or find another (legal) way to make it yours. Check for discounts, explore high-end shops or shop online but never forget to always pay your bills first, because there’s no point in owning a Hermes Birkin bag if you’re going to bed hungry. Before you decide to treat yourself to fancy designer piece, make sure your all other needs are met. Finally, keep in mind that sometimes patience is a virtue, because spending your money foolishly won’t help you at all.

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