How To Care For Your Sacs En Osier All Year Long

Straw bags are the hottest trend during summer and spring. The bags made of interwoven straw from bamboo, rattan and other fibers come in a variety of styles and shapes from clutches to round bags, totes to baskets and even a cross body style for those days you want to run around.

Sacs en osier can last many years if taken care of. Since you will probably not be using it throughout the year, how do you keep it in top shape until next summer?

Sacs en osier bags

Ways of Taking Care of Your Sacs En Osier


1. Keep it in a cool, dry place

The greatest enemies of sacs en osier are moisture and sun. If the bag gets wet, the fibers will swell and come apart. If it gets too dry, the fibers dry up and become brittle, which leads to cracking. The best conditions to store a straw bag, therefore, is in a cool, dry place where it won’t get mold or too much heat. Place it inside a cotton bag or clothing to protect it during the off-season. You can also stuff it with dry clothes or newspapers inside to retain its shape.

2. Clean it after use

Rattan straws need to be kept clean and free of residue. Once you come from your expeditions, empty the bag and hold it upside down to release any particles inside there. You can then use a soft brush to wipe the dust off the fibers and focus on the nooks and crannies in the intersections.

Alternatively, you can use a vacuum cleaner attachment to blow all the dust from the bag and focus on the inside where you can’t see particles precisely.

Once you have removed the dust, use a wet cotton cloth or cotton wool to wipe the bag clean before storing it.

Sacs en osier

3. Add protection

Storing in a cool place may not be enough if you want your bag to last a long time. In this case, you need to add a layer of protection using a thin coat of furniture wax or shellac mixed with alcohol. The bag will be shiny and well protected from dryness and lint.

4. Brighten the straws

After a while, you may notice that your beloved bag has started to look dull and unsightly. You can brighten it up by giving it an alcohol bath. All you need to do is dilute some alcohol with water and wipe the bag with it. Make sure the material you are using is cotton and do not wet the bag, so you have to wring the wipe cloth.

You can also use a mixture of water and bleach to wipe off any stains or mold from the fibers and make it look as good as new.

Sacs en osier


Every woman who is worth her salt is rocking a straw bag alongside bright-colored outfits and sandals. You can accessorize the bag with a floral scarf that matches the outfit or a bright colored plastic flower. With proper care, all you need is two or three styles of straw bags to take you through summer and spring every year. However, if you notice a tear or a crack somewhere in the bag, take it to professionals for a better fix instead of doing it yourself.

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