How To Plan An Unforgettable Sixtieth Birthday Bash

Each year brings another birthday and presents us with the opportunity of celebrating our age with family or friends at an event in our honor. Birthday parties give us the chance to celebrate the passing of an old chapter and the opening of a new one in which we can create more memorable moments with our loved ones.

However, some birthdays are more memorable than others, and when you approach the excellent age of sixty, it’s considered a milestone. Most milestone birthdays, such as eighteen or twenty-one, are often accompanied by a celebration, so you may have already started compiling some sixtieth birthday ideas in preparation for your big day.

But how can you pull out all the stops to celebrate your birthday in style? If you need some innovative sixtieth birthday ideas, you’ve found yourself in the right place! Here are several sixtieth birthday ideas for those looking to plan an unforgettable sixtieth birthday bash.

Unforgettable Sixtieth Birthday Bash

Create A Guest List And Send Invites

First, you’ll have to decide which friends/family members you wish to celebrate your day with and send out invites to the lucky few. Depending on the size of your intended venue and your budget allowance, it can be challenging to whittle down the number of attendees. The best way to do this is by adding close family and friends to the guest list first; once you’ve done this, you can extend invites to others if you have availability.

Now that the guest list is finished, you can think about the invitations. When it comes to invites, you have two options: virtual or physical. Both have pros and cons; physical invitations are a more costly option, especially if your guest list is extensive, whereas virtual invites are far easier to send and cheaper. On the other hand, physical invites are a lovely keepsake, whereas virtual ones can easily get lost amongst other emails.

If the latter option suits you better, why not consider enlisting the services of digital stationery companies such as Greenvelope, who produce a wide range of invitations suitable for any event. Browse their website or follow their blog for sixtieth birthday ideas for more insight. Alternatively, get in touch with them directly to discover how their invites can help make your sixtieth unforgettable.

Pick A Theme

Not all parties require a theme, but it’s certainly encouraged if you want to make your sixtieth as unforgettable as possible. If you’re stuck for ideas, you could theme your party around your favorite movie, favorite band, favorite decade, and much more. Alternatively, you could look on the internet for more ideas or take inspiration from commonly used themes such as the swinging sixties, etc.

Although, it’s best to bear in mind that whatever theme you pick will have to be recognizable to your guests and easy for them to find a suitable outfit for, so it’s no use opting for a theme that’s such a niche that it’s impossible to accommodate. You’ll find as you brainstorm that some themes are easier to find outfits and decorations for than others, or providing that you feel creative, you could always make your own if you want to do a specific theme but cannot find accessories for it.

Choose A Venue

The next step in planning your sixtieth birthday party is deciding whether you’d like to host the party from your own home or at a venue. Ultimately, if you’re looking to throw a cost-effective birthday bash, staying at home is probably your best option. Still, you’ll have to handle all party elements yourself, from the entertainment and catering to setting up and clearing away after the festivities, making for a very unrelaxing experience.

On the other hand, hiring a venue will take care of all these aspects and allow you to enjoy your day without interruptions, but it will add to the overall costs. Additionally, if you opt for a venue, you’ll have to consider the weather, as bad weather doesn’t make for a memorable party, and worst-case scenario, the venue might reschedule it. To avoid this, it might be best to opt for a venue with indoor and outdoor facilities so that whatever the weather may bring your sixtieth will still go ahead.

Organize Catering

 Next on your sixtieth birthday bash checklist is organizing catering. You might think that’ll be simple; however, many considerations need to be made before settling on a caterer to ensure that the food served will suit all your guests. Before deciding on your caterer of choice, ensure to ask yourself the following questions:

    • Do any of my guests have an allergy/intolerance/dietary restriction that I should know?
    • Does my caterer of choice have a good selection of foods suitable for my guests with dietary restrictions?
    • Will the food be prepared in an environment that is considerate of those with dietary restrictions?
    • If this is the case, will the food be marked so that those with dietary restrictions don’t get mixed up?

Doing so will ensure that all your guests can eat at your party and leave no one feeling left out. If you’re not sure if any of your guests have dietary restrictions, you could always consider adding a short survey on the RSVP part of your invitations.

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