Birthday Present Ideas For The Person Who’s Difficult To Buy For

It can be a struggle to pick the perfect present for someone you love. Finding a unique present that also suits your budget can be a difficult task, but it doesn’t need to be!

birthday present

Go homemade

A personal touch is usually the perfect way to go. Homemade gifts are cost affective, allow you to let out your creative side, and are certainly unique as they are made from the heart by your own hands.

You could try making homemade brownies and other sweet treats or making a set of homemade soaps or candles. You could even make a scrap book of all the great times you’ve had together, complete with photos and memory notes.

Date jar

This is a great birthday gift for your partner who would rather have experiences than things. Simply get a nice jar and decorate it before adding in little notes with date ideas and activities you can do together. If it’s a big birthday coming up, you could even get your partner to take out one note for each day leading up to their birthday. For example, 30 days of 30th birthday treats.

A gift basket

A handmade gift basket is the perfect way of adding in a little bit of everything to their birthday surprise. You can tailor it to their personality and add in small, inexpensive gifts to make a brilliant larger gift that they know you’ve really thought about.

Don’t forget to include a personalised card, their favourite sweets or chocolates, anything that is personal to them, and a few additional relaxing treats such as face masks, socks, hot chocolate, or a movie that they’ve been meaning to watch.

Succulents or cacti

Houseplants are always a valued present, and these types don’t require a whole load of maintenance to look after. Houseplants can help to improve their mood, add natural elements to their home, and improve the air quality around them. Just be sure to check that the plants you are buying are non-toxic first if they have small children or pets that could end up playing with them.

An experience

With many places reopening, now is the perfect time to book an experience and do something fun and memorable together for their birthday.

Whether they’re a thrill seeker and would love to go ziplining over mountains, or if they prefer a spa day followed by a delicious afternoon tea, there’s plenty of activities to choose from to make their birthday an unforgettable one.

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