5 Red Flags to Help You Avoid a Romance Scam on Your Lesbian Dating App

Technology has definitely made lives more comfortable and changed how the world communicates. However, it gave rise to a new breed of thieves that perform their stealing online. Online dating scams on your lesbian dating app continue to rise, so you have to protect yourself from cybercrimes as you search for your Ms Right.

Avoid a Romance Scam on Your Lesbian Dating App

Rather than just sending phishing emails, cyber renegades have upped their game by preying on people’s emotions and investing their time to play a long cheating game to con you out of your money.

Here’s how you can protect yourself from the lure of a scammer by spotting these warning signs.

Be Wary of Profile Details

A person’s profile can say a lot about her character. Typically, scammers have very few profile pictures. Often, these images are glamorous photos like a modelling headshot or stock photos taken from somewhere. Another red flag, they are looking for singles in your locality, but these scammers live in a different place. Some even claim they are out on military deployment to cover their tracks.

Online scammers and bots usually have very little profile information. These girls who are supposedly actively searching for a great date are also stingy with their pics. They also do not link their accounts to their other social media apps. Be caution and make sure they’re a real profile before you proceed.

They Lure You to Communicate Elsewhere

Another scammer alert in your lesbian dating app is they try to lure you to take the conversation to a different messaging platform. They suggest Skype, WeChat, Viber, or some other form of messaging. Be very wary of starting a friendship with someone new who immediately wants to take your relationship outside the app. There’s just something fishy going on there.

This Girl Professes Her Undying Love Too Soon

Professional dating scammers fool you, pull your emotions, and move very quickly. These mean people try to gain your trust fast and fake building a stable relationship. Emotional manipulation is a tool they employ while online dating, and they declare their undying love too soon. Even if it has just been a few weeks, they declare their love and their deep connection to you. This is part of their catfishing game to earn your trust and scam you. Be cautious of people who are overly flattering and too eager when you haven’t even met in the flesh yet.

Avoid a Romance Scam on Your Lesbian Dating App

Meet-Ups Always Get Canceled

The funny thing about scammers is they always set up a date for you to see each other, but they always bail at the last second. Since this scammer is not who she is claiming herself to be, of course, she won’t want to meet you. She comes up with a dozen excuses about unexpected emergencies.

Sometimes, even your meet up could be a way to con you out of money by asking you to send money to pay for their tickets. As a general rule, be careful of being too emotionally invested towards someone who you have not met.

Avoidance of Video Chat Like the Plague

Video chatting in your app is now entirely possible if you want to make a deeper connection. However, if the person you’re chatting with is somehow afraid to show her face on a video call, then you have to be wary that she’s not telling the truth.

Since scammers pretend they are somebody else, they hide their faces. It’s normal to feel shy at the start, but if someone has professed their love for you, it’s odd that this person won’t let you see her face after weeks of messaging each other.

Final Word

When you’re out there looking for love in a dating app, it’s advisable to stay alert and cautious. Never reveal too much private information about yourself unless you have met someone in person. There are many scammers out there who are looking to dupe their next victim. Don’t become one!

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