Common Signs That Tell Your Roof Needs Replacement

Thinking of replacing your roof, but not sure?

If your roof is older than 20 years or more, it needs replacement anyway. In fact, there can be nothing better reason to replace before things go out of your hands. But, there are times when your roof is not so old, yet it appears that it is asking for a replacement. So, how will you be sure that a roof really needs to be replaced and repairing alone won’t work?

Let us check out some of the top signs of roof replacement.

roof replacement

Damaged Shingles

If you can see shingles are cracked, curled, or missing, it means their life has come to an end. Also, if you see shingles have changed into a dark color, looks wet or dirty, it is the time to consider the replacement. Wet shingles indicate that there is water deposit or moisture is passing through the roof.

A Gap in the Roof

At times, it is difficult to identify that there is a gap between the roof. Many people don’t even realize that they are living under a damaged roof. However, you can get it checked with this simple tip. Shut all the doors, windows, and blinds, and switch off the light to make it dark inside. Then observe on the ceiling, if you can see any beam of sunlight coming through. This testing is more viable when done in the afternoon when day brightness is at peak.

Your Roof is Leaking

You should immediately replace your roof if it is leaking, and this is not so tough to realize. Leaking means it is probably accumulating moisture in between the gaps and causing fast damage to the roof, especially when couples with temperature change. Ignoring such telltale signs can end up compromising your home’s safety. You can click URL and learn how roofing professionals can help you avoid that.


Sagging Ceiling

Another outcome of moisture accumulation in the roof is a sagging ceiling. You must pay the utmost attention to this part, as it can be highly dangerous to the entire structure. Roof experts are highly skilled in inspecting such ceilings and therefore you must refer them. It is not tough to find skilled ceiling experts. Just type roofing Boise ID in the Google search bar and you will get a list of roof experts. Once you ask them they will reach your home and inspect it deeply.

Gutter Blocked with Granules

Shingles made of Asphalt often break into granules when they reach their expiry date and start depositing into the gutter. It is easy to identify them. They look similar to coarse black sand. While cleaning your gutter, if you have seen any such particles, it is time to consult a roofing expert. If you are looking for Gutter Guard for your roof, do check Aussie DIY Solutions.

High Energy Bills

There is a possibility that you don’t see any gap in the ceiling but air and heat are passing through. When it does, you have to run a cooling or heating system more often to balance the frequent temperature variation. Certainly, you will get higher energy bills.

Although, there can be other reasons for it. For a safer side, it is suggested to get your roof checked by an expert.

Deteriorated Chimney

Any opening in the roof is the first place where the possibility of damage is common and often it leads to chimney repair. This is because the chimney is the place where moisture deposits very often. A damaged chimney, especially if it is cracked from the bottom, if ignored can be highly dangerous.

Vents, pipes, and other related objects penetrating a roof also need major attention. Check them every few months. You can do it yourself or get the help of an expert.

Water Marks on Ceiling

Did you ever notice any water-marks on the ceiling? If yes, then you must know that this is a strong sign of leakage. If not water-marks then mold, rot, or mildew are also indications that the roof is allowing moisture to get in.

If you do not attend these issues, you might end up spending a lot more than expected. Treating them at an early stage is the only solution to curb the damage. If you find a lot of such areas, it is the time a roof must be replaced.

Final Thought

It can be damaged due to many reasons, such as wind, hail, and falling debris. The reason could be anything, but when you have a list of things to check, you can be sure whether roof really needs replacement.

If you find any of the above signs, you must listen to your roof and get the help of the roof expert before it is too late.

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