Choosing the Right Frame Material for the Patio Doors

When it is about installing patio doors, the primary focus quickly shifts to its style and looks instead of their performance. Though it is obvious, for the selection of perfect patio doors, it is essential to pay attention to the material used for the frame. It significantly impacts the door’s longevity, maintenance, cost, etc.

Let us explore what options of materials do we have and how to choose the right one.

Frame Material for the Patio Doors


Wood is the oldest choice for patio door frames and no wonder why. It is naturally beautiful, long-lasting, and is easy to repair, though they are expensive.

With a durable finish of stain or paint, they can be protected from extreme weather conditions. Minor scratches are also easy to repair. There are various choices for patio door frames, such as Poplar, Red Oak, Ash, Hickory, White Oak, Cherry, etc. Each has its advantages and disadvantages.


Aluminium is the first choice for sliding door frames as the material is light in weight. Plus, the material is sturdy and can resist corrosion with an anodized finish in a better way, unlike steel.

Being light in weight, the material dents easily, but can be protected with protective layers. At Justdoorsandconservatories.co.uk, experts favour aluminium as the best choice for patio frames. The reason, it is quite energy efficient when insulated with a polyamide core and reasonably priced than timber. Indeed, it is an ideal material at the best price for patio doors.

Frame Material for the Patio Doors


This is a highly tough material, which can survive any weather conditions. However, the steel doors are prone to rust, but with regular polymer or vinyl coating, rusting can be kept at bay. Also, they can get scratches and dent, which is difficult to repair.

Being made of heavy-gauge galvanized steel with rigid foam inside, these doors are not only tough but are also energy efficient. These are cheaper compared to other materials.


Vinyl is quite popular these days for many home products, and the patio door is one of them. As the material is man-made, it can be turned into any style, pattern, or design for patio doors.

The major benefit of vinyl is its property of standing against peeling, flaking, and corroding. The Vinyl patio doors are also inexpensive and need the least maintenance. It makes them a perfect choice for patio facing the most vulnerable weather conditions, except fire. Vinyl is more inflammable compared to other materials, but against a long list of benefits, this is a minor drawback.

Frame Material for the Patio Doors


Patio doors made of fibreglass are not easy to recognize. It has an exceptional ability to mimic wooden doors with the help of required designs and layers of paint.

While it needs almost no maintenance, it is energy efficient and not much expensive. Fibreglass is resistant to dent but can break under intense impact.


Picking the right one is highly influenced by your requirements, such as budget, weather conditions, utility, etc. Consider hiring a patio door professional, in case, you feel the need for assistance.

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