EcoWalk. How to Keep a Toxin Free and Healthy Environment in Your Home

Have you ever thought about how healthy is your home environment? How eco-friendly is your home and tools you use every day? Look around your house do you see plastic items everywhere? What kind of commercial cleaning products do you have? You will begin nourishing a toxin free and healthy environment in your home after you start reading labels on your household and beauty products. If you want to reduce the overall amount of chemicals and toxins in your home, you should switch to eco-friendly products. Nothing is lost yet as long as you have natural substitutes. For your information here you will find 6 factors that should be taken care of if you want to create a healthy environment in your home: cleaning, water, kitchen, air, bathroom and EMF radiation.

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Cleaning without Toxins

To begin, if you want to keep a healthy environment at home you should avoid using traditional cleaning products in your house. Unfortunately, all common commercial cleaning products contain toxic ingredients and polluting substances. Such chemicals are dangerous to humans, animals and environment. The truth is, they cause long-term health problems and damages our biosphere. Some cleaning chemicals can trigger allergies and even asthma.

When shopping for home cleaning products read the products label first and identify ingredients that are harmful and non-natural. Indeed, you should look for products marked as “all-natural”, “organic”, “eco-friendly”, “eco” or similar. If you are a beginner of eco-living, you may start with all purpose cleaner with natural ingredients, such as The Method All-Purpose Cleaner. This way you will reduce a release of synthetic chemicals in your home significantly. Now, instead of several traditional cleaning products you will have one non-toxic product for all surfaces. Besides, traditional dishwashing liquids and chemical toilet cleaners contain a lot of pollutants and they all travel to drains. For this reason you may consider using castile soap, other non-toxic liquid soups or make your own washing products.

cleaning without toxins healthy environment

More advanced healthy lifestyle practitioners consciously choose environmentally responsible alternatives and use homemade cleaning products. Actually, most DIY products are made of natural ingredients. For example, you may find soaps made of organic ingredients. The most eco-friendly cleaning alternative is using a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar. You will be surprised how effective this mixture can be. In fact, most of your household jobs can be done using natural substances only. By the way, vinegar is a great disinfectant. Did you know can make your own non-toxic stainless steel cleaner?

You may learn how to avoid toxins in your home cleaning products by watching various videos on YouTube or reading practical how-to articles online. For sure you will find a lot of useful natural cleaning tips there. In addition, you should pay a special attention to various cleaning products with nanotechnologies, such as miracle sponges or miracle cloths. They do their job, but don’t be hooked and keep such items safely away from your skin, food and family members. Above all, if you are really concerned about your health you should switch to eco-friendly home cleaning products immediately.

No Chemicals in Kitchen

Believe it or not, the temple of all well-being and health is your kitchen. Kitchen area is the place where culinary masterpieces happen and bigger part of our time is spent in. Step into your kitchen and look around. What material your most kitchen utensils are made of? Are you seeing plastic everywhere around you? Your well-being consists not only of the healthy diet but also of chemical free environment you do your daily life and prepare food to fuel your body. Your health also depends on the quality of water as city water and well water have different properties.

Today, out kitchen is loaded with food containers, spatulas, cups, peelers, bags and cutting boards made of plastic. Heated plastic is especially dangerous because it emits particles to food it touches. For this reason, never ever put hot food into plastic container or use silicon spatula when cooking. Unfortunately, this applies to Teflon frying pans and silicon baking trays as well.

no chemicals in kitchen toxin free environment

If you want to have a healthy environment in your kitchen, throw away everything that is made of plastic or contains plastic. Even drinking straws are made of plastic. Turn on your conscious mind and gradually switch to glass, stainless steel, paper or cotton. Instead of plastic bags you can use paper or cotton bags. If you changed single use plastic shopping bags into multi-use bags of stronger material, you would greatly benefit to keeping our biosphere plastic free. Most utensils made of plastic can be switched to stainless steel ones, including jars, knives, scoops and measuring cups. You can make your kitchen less toxic if you choose using wooden jars, covers, spatulas and cuttings boards instead of plastic ones.

As earlier mentioned, dishwashing liquids and various home cleaning products can be harmful to human health, especially where food is stored and prepared. As a matter of fact, you should avoid three things in your kitchen: plastic, commercial washing & cleaning substances and silicon.

Healthy Bathroom Environment

Bathroom is a moist and warm environment where you inhale a lot of vapor and constantly cover your skin with various substances. Most people are still reluctant to read labels and get oneself familiarized with chemical ingredients in their bath and beauty products. Today most of our “usual” shower gels and shampoos contain phosphates, parabens and sulfates. Beauty industry is beaming with makeup and beauty products that are full of chemicals dangerous to woman health. You can protect yourself by reading labels and switching to more natural and even organic beauty products. In this age, private sector of natural organic beauty products is growing and you can find a vast number of products made of natural ingredients, such as CBD oil, gemstone powder, essential oils or herbs.

healthy bahtroom environment

Furthermore, go through your bathroom items that are made of any fabric. Certainly, you will find everything made of synthetic fibers or even plastic fibers. Robes, towels, rugs and all fabric clothes should be made of natural fibers such as natural organic cotton, organic hemp, bamboo or natural organic wool. Respectively, you may need to learn how to find natural textile products by doing a little personal research online. In other words, your face “cotton” pads should also be made of natural organic fibers. Fortunately, most beauty shops are now offering at least one option of face-pads marked “organic”, “eco” or “eco-friendly to earth-friendly shoppers.

Finally, you should check fans in ventilation system and clean all the dirt, dust and mold using eco-friendly cleaning products. Remember, vinegar is a mold killer and along with baking soda it can clean the dirtiest corners in your home. You will be surprised how well this mixture can clean shower, toilet, tiles, bath tube and sinks. Also, you may use a natural all-purpose cleaner to get that sparkling finish. This way you will prevent your family inhaling toxic chemicals in warm and moist bathroom environment on daily basis.

Water Filtering at Home

If you want to live a healthier and chemical free life pay attention to water you drink and use in your daily routine. The truth is, public water system brings us water that is not in the very best quality and in some areas is not suitable to drink at all. For this reason, people install water-filtering systems in their family houses.

You can make your drinking water healthier by installing home water filters in your house water system. Most water filtration systems available on the market today will remove chlorine, pharmaceuticals and chemicals. Luckily, house water filters will eliminate heavy metals such as lead and mercury from your tap water. If you want to maintain a good health make sure you do filter tap water at home. However not all filtering systems are capable to remove fluoride so be extra attentive when deciding on your drinking water filters. On the other hand, replacement water filters are the most popular type of whole house water filters. In addition, you may also consider putting filters for your shower and bathroom faucets.

filtering tap water at home for health

Some set up a reverse osmosis system to enjoy clear drinking water. Others believe in distilled water as being the purest form of water. Currently, you will find water purifiers for home, various water softeners and other water-cleaning equipment available for private household. If you need water rich in silicic acid consider buying and drinking bottled water that has laboratory proofs of being “a such”. Well, it is bottled water but silicic acid enriched water has the power removing certain heavy metals, such as aluminum, from your blood system.

Clean and Fresh Air Inside

The food you eat, the water you drink and the air you breath in all influence your health in one or the other way. Fresh air and clean environment makes people more productive and feel better in general. It is important to understand that many air freshener products actually have phthalates masquerading as “fragrance.” Indeed, many pollutants come from indoors such as commercial cleaners, washing liquids, chemical toilet cleaners, plastic things and even wall paints.

Actually, a fresh air comes with wide-open windows and doors on sunny days making air move freely in the whole building. It is called ventilation. Let the sunshine in through open doors and windows, because natural UV light kills germs and bacteria. Let the air warm or cold circulate inside for 30 or more minutes a day. Nonetheless, you can always make or purchase natural air-fragrances, such as essential oils or combining oranges with cloves and cinnamon. If you baked an apple pie, your home would fill with natural scent of apples and cinnamon. Here you go – a natural fragrance for you!

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The easiest way to have a clean and fresh air in your house is devoting yourself to nurturing various houseplants in every room, including bathroom. Especially plants that are know to be natural air purifiers and easy to maintain. Such plants can absorb harmful gases, remove toxins and clean air in big areas. Here are 5 best air-purifying home plants according to NASA:

• English ivy (Hedera helix)

• Green Spider plant (Chlorophytum elatum)

• Peace lily (Spathiphyllum ‘Mauna Loa’)

• Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema modestum)

• Bamboo palm (Chamaedorea seifrizii)

Furthermore, you can improve indoor air quality by including an air purifier in your household machinery arsenal. There are plenty UV air purifiers, various negative ion-based purifiers and ozone generators. If talking about a healthier air, for all this electronic equipment you can use essential oils, beeswax candles and natural odor absorbers such as charcoal pillows, coffee or vinegar. Most important, do not allow chemicals to emit vapor in your daily environment.

EMF Radiation Free House

As usual, do your own research on electromagnetic frequency and its biological effects on all organisms including human. Believe it or not, every single wireless and Bluetooth device radiates electromagnetic radiation. Actually, the measurements (miliwatts per square meter) you will see can shock you deeply and that is the reality.

EMF radiation free house

The reality is, we spend our days in artificial electromagnetic frequencies that are harmful to us, especially to our DNA. In order to protect yourself and your family from electromagnetic radiation and let your cells to regenerate during night, you should turn off wi-fi router, turn on plane mode on your smartphone and turn off Bluetooth function. Honestly, you have to turn off all devices and all functions on your all devices that radiate wi-fi and/or Bluetooth. You need to give yourself a good rest during sleep when your body regenerates itself naturally. It is advised, keeping all smart-type devices 2-4 meters away, especially from children and during sleep at night.

These days you can hire a professional to measure radiation being emitted by various wireless devices in your house. Actually, you can buy an EMF meter and measure EMF frequencies yourself. If you want to find out more about this digital phenomena you may watch a video about electromagnetic radiation and what it does to our bodies:

What makes your home environment healthy and toxin free?

We live in a really strange world. In the 21st century everything around us appear to be harmful in one or other way. Our houses are manufactured of synthetic materials, our food and water are full of chemicals and toxins. We basically eat plastic and don’t even think about it. New technologies are facilitating our everyday chores by providing innovative products, but how good are they in deed? As a consequence, every human being has now to pay a better attention to the environment he lives in and what substances he uses in his daily routine. Obviously, your home is your castle and it should provide health and well-being to its residents. So, what is toxin free and healthy environment? Generally speaking, the house that contains fresh air, clean water and is protected from chemicals and EMF radiation can be defined as a healthy and toxin free environment.

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