Coffee Drinks: How to Choose Yours

If you are an experienced coffee lover, you know your preferences pretty well. When it comes to the espresso vs turkish coffee choice, you know exactly what you want. Nonetheless, if you have never been interested in coffee and its types, maybe, you have never tasted a good one? Are you ready to forget about the trivial espresso and coffee latte offered in the local coffee shop and immerse yourself in the fantastic world of refreshing drinks? Check out the variety of coffee-based beverages that will not leave you indifferent.


Coffee Drinks


No matter if you are a real coffee devotee or just an amateur, you have heard about some of its types. However, you could not even imagine how many brewing styles can be used in order to provide you with an excellent cup of coffee. Before you taste various coffee drinks from, you need to learn basic brewing techniques that can predetermine the aroma, strength, and aftertaste of your drink.

    • Espresso is one of the most known and appreciated coffee brewing styles, which is used for the vast majority of drinks. Use a high-quality machine that will pressurize hot water through grained beans, producing a highly-concentrated coffee.
    • Ristretto resembles espresso when it comes to the brewing technique. However, due to the reduced amount of water you use, the shot is even stronger.
    • Cold brew is a highly caffeinated coffee. Place coffee grounds in warm water and let it steep for a while to get an excellent cold brew that will keep you energetic throughout the day.
    • Pour over is one of the simplest and the fastest ways to get a cup of strong coffee. Just pour boiling water through the coffee ground and enjoy a perfect shot.

Have you selected the preferable brewing style? If you are fond of fancier coffee drinks, you need to have a look at the below-mentioned list. Pouring some milk, adding ice-cream, or spices, you may get a completely different taste and aroma. Additionally, you can mix several shots of plain coffee to get a real energy boost. Have a look at the list and head to the nearest coffee shop to taste the most tempting drink.

    • Espresso is a traditional short black shot, which contains no other components. Except for ristretto, it is considered the strongest coffee drink.
    • Doppio sounds differently but is, basically, the doubled dose of espresso, which provides a higher concentration and stronger effect.
    •  Red Eye. People who prefer Red Eye are eager to get the maximum energy boost, as to get the drink, you need to combine an espresso shot with drip drew.
    • Americano is a traditional breakfast drink that gives strength and energy for the day. Combine a single espresso shot with some water to get a cup of refreshing coffee.
    •  Macchiato. Unlike the above-mentioned beverages, you will not get a perfect macchiato without steamed milk. Take one shot of strong espresso, add 1-2 teaspoons of steamed milk, and flavor the drink with syrup to get a delicious beverage.
    • Cortado. Although this coffee drink is not very popular among coffee lovers, it is still served in various coffee shops. To get a tasty cortado, it is inevitable to get a single espresso shot, 1 oz. of warm milk and add 1 cm. of milk foam.
    • Cappuccino. If you want to relish your coffee longer, you should consider getting a cup of cappuccino. The creamy drink is exceptionally appreciated in the US and Italy. You may get 1 or 2 espresso shots (depending on your preference), add 2 oz. of steamed milk, 2 oz. of foamed milk and decorate with chocolate, cinnamon, or sugar powder.

Once you have tasted numerous options and are completely ready to make your choice, it is inevitable to mind a range of other factors that can influence the quality of your drink. Harvesting, processing, roasting, brewing, growing environment, and altitude, together with a range of other features, will determine the final taste of your coffee cup.

Additionally, it is inevitable to remember that the same type of coffee may taste differently if made in various coffee machines. At this point, the price is not necessarily related to quality. If you compare a random budget coffee makers review with a more expensive counterpart, you may not even notice a significant difference. However, the detailed analysis of both options will help you understand the discrepancies.


Coffee Drinks

To cut a long story short, it may take some time and money for you to find out the perfect coffee drink you would enjoy. Nevertheless, the result is usually worth an effort. What will you get from a single cup of your favorite drink?

    • Better mood.
    • Increased energy levels.
    • Eliminated risk of serious health disorders.
    • Advanced brain functioning.
    • Boosted reactions.

In addition to all the health benefits, you should not forget about a simple pleasure you will get from drinking a cup of hot coffee.

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