How To Incorporate Coffee in Your Beauty Routine?

Coffee is more than just a must-have morning beverage: it’s an effective natural beauty product. If you’re looking for a way to repurpose coffee grounds and make your natural beauty routine a zero-waste effort, you’re in luck.

Incorporate Coffee in Your Beauty Routine
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Here are some effective ways to incorporate coffee into your beauty routine.

Exfoliating Coffee Ground Body Scrub

Coffee grounds are perfect for an effective and inexpensive exfoliating body scrub. Take the remnants of your morning java from your coffee maker grinder and keep them in a jar by the shower. Wet your skin to open your pores and rub the coffee grounds onto your skin in a circular motion. When you’re done, rinse them off and go about your day.

Keep in mind that caffeine can be absorbed through your skin. This effect is great when showering in the morning to help you wake up and start your day feeling refreshed. However, it can present some challenges if you prefer to shower in the evening and react strongly to caffeine. If you are sensitive to caffeine, there are plenty of DIY organic body scrub recipes without coffee to enjoy.

Coffee Ice Cube Under-Eye Treatment

For those with dark circles and puffy eyes, using ice cubes has long been a favored treatment. The science is simple: the ice reduces the swelling. Adding coffee grounds to those ice cubes can help introduce antioxidants and reduce the appearance of your dark circles.

Mix your used coffee grounds with warm water and pour it into an ice cube tray. Use these easy DIY treatments in the morning before your skincare routine. Only let the ice sit on your skin for a few minutes and take breaks as needed.

DIY Coffee Soap

Rather than using raw coffee grounds as a body scrub, you can incorporate them into a natural soap. Coffee soap is a fantastic alternative to the exfoliating scrub for those with overly sensitive skin. Not only does this eliminate the irritants of consumer brands, but it also softens the exfoliating effect of the coffee grounds.

Find your favorite DIY natural soap recipe and add your leftover coffee grounds to the blend. Coffee goes well with citrus and cinnamon scents in natural soap.

Incorporate Coffee in Your Beauty Routine
Source: Pinterest

Coffee Scalp Exfoliation

If you’re prone to dandruff or feel like your hair grows at an alarmingly slow rate, ask yourself: when was the last time I exfoliated my scalp?

Exfoliating your scalp helps remove dead skin cells and stimulates blood flow to the hair follicles to promote growth. The buildup on your scalp can also cause excess oil production or dry roots by interrupting the scalp’s natural processes.

Take your excess coffee grinds and give your scalp a good scrub before washing. Mix them with coconut oil for an extra nourishing spa-like experience.


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Brunette Color Enhancer

Coffee is a must-have hair product for brunettes. The dark tint of your morning brew can highlight the natural shades of your hair and keep your color looking fresh between salon visits.

Mix your coffee grounds into your favorite conditioner. Apply the conditioner to your hair and leave it in place for 5-10 minutes. Rinse and style as usual for a naturally shiny, rich color that you’ll love.

Incorporating coffee into your beauty routine is easy. Try these five techniques to make the most of your leftover coffee grounds.

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