6 Benefits of Having Great Coffee in Your Office

Coffee is the drink which fuels literally billions of people around the world each day, outpacing all other beverages, hot or cold.

It is a particularly common tipple for office workers, although even with the growing availability of high quality coffee outside of the workplace, it has taken a long time for businesses to catch on and embrace premium products. Here are just a few reasons why it makes sense for organizations to invest in great coffee, rather than settling for subpar brews or even the dreaded freeze dried varieties.

Benefits of Having Great Coffee in Your Office

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It Can Boost Job Satisfaction

People who love coffee can get quite obsessive about having access to their favorite drink, so it is no surprise to see that an office with excellent coffee making facilities which is also regularly supplied with high quality beans, as found on this page, will also be home to satisfied employees.

Studies have shown that workers would rather lose out on vacation days than miss the opportunity to have quality coffee in their office, so it is not just a way to slightly improve morale amongst team members; it is arguably essential to prevent people from jumping ship altogether.

It Can Promote Productivity

Everyone knows that drinking coffee is a good way to stave off the effects of fatigue and make you feel sharper, but did you also know that it can even enhance your ability to retain information?

This has obvious applications for those who are still in education, and can also be relevant to office workers who want to take onboard details when attending training sessions, or simply be more productive in their day today duties.



It Encourages Social Engagement

Making and drinking coffee is not just something which people do solo; in fact it can be an important element of creating a cohesive, collective sense of unity within an office. Great coffee can become a shared experience which means colleagues get to know one another better and create a social framework in the office that delivers a range of other advantages in its own right.

From helping people to combat stress to working through conflicts and providing useful feedback to managers, coffee is the catalyst for all sorts of positive steps that come from the increased social engagement surrounding it.

It Meets Millennial Expectations

The past two decades have seen a sea change in attitudes towards coffee. While it has always been a popular drink, it is only within recent years that the switch towards the dominance of gourmet coffee brands has occurred, especially amongst the under-40s.

As Millennials now make up the lion’s share of the world’s workforce, it is worth catering to their expectations with regards to coffee. This is a generation that grew up during the era of artisanal coffee going from a niche market to a mainstream concern, so they will want to be able to access it as easily at work as they can at home.

This trend for gourmet coffee being more widely sought after than mass produced alternatives will only continue to expand as Generation Z becomes the next significant player in workplace politics. Businesses which ignore this trend will be putting themselves at a disadvantage.

It Prevents Wasted Time

If your office does not have great coffee available in-house, acolytes of the bean will generally choose to head elsewhere in search of that delicious, warming liquid hit. This means more time spent away from their desks, extended breaks that spill over into company time and increased labor costs for less work actually being completed. If you are looking for best available coffee brewer, reading reputable online reviews before making final decision can save you time and money.  To begin, you may find reviews on various coffee makers visiting Greatcoffeebrewers.com.

Conversely if an employee is able to get up from their desk and have a great cup of coffee in their hands in a matter of minutes, all of this potential waste and procrastination will be eliminated.

It Shows You Care

All too often a business can feel like something of a faceless entity, even to the people who work for it. If this is the case, employees may not be especially engaged with their jobs and this will reflect in their work.

On the other hand, if you offer great coffee to everyone then it will make the entire organization and brand feel more people-focused and this in turn will enhance your reputation internally and externally.

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