4 Way to Make Your Home More Energy Efficient

Did you know that the typical American’s annual per capita carbon footprint is more than five times the world per capita average? U.S households generate an insane amount of carbon dioxide through everyday living and tasks. But you can do something about it.

If you’re watching those energy bills rising with concern, or want to take a stand against climate change then you’ve come to the right place. Check out these 4 tips from SGI Property Management in Gilbert that will help you making your home more energy efficient.

1 Go Solar

go solar more energy efficient

Without a doubt, one of the best ways to reduce your carbon footprint is to choose green energy solutions to power your home. Solar energy has become very popular in the last decade — for good reason.

Supplementing even a portion of your home’s power with solar energy has a positive environmental impact. You’ll also see a decrease in your utility bills each month. So, you’re literally rewarded for having an energy-efficient home.

Interested in knowing more? Check out Blue Raven solar panels for all the information you need.

2 Replace Light Bulbs

You want money saving and fight climate change but you’re not in the position to go solar? No worries! Simply swapping out the lightbulbs in your home for energy-efficient ones is a great place to start.

Energy-saving lightbulbs are affordable to purchase and simple to install. These use less than two-thirds of the energy that normal bulbs use. What’s more, energy-efficient bulbs last 10 times longer. It’s a win-win all around. Also, you can check the plans and switch to a better plan as per your energy consumption.

3 Upgrade Your Windows

Are you constantly relying on your HVAC to create the perfect climate in your home all year round? Well, this is burning up energy. Especially if your HVAC unit is working extra hard because your windows aren’t doing their part. The right windows will keep the cool air in during the summer, and the warm air in during the winter. This means your HVAC doesn’t need to work hard to regulate the temperature.

If you have old, single-glazed, or drafty windows then it’s time for an upgrade. The initial cost can be offputting, but just think about how much more energy-efficient and affordable it will be to run your HVAC in the long term!

4 Energy-Efficient Washing and Drying

Washing and drying your clothes is an energy-intensive process. One which you may be doing a couple of times a week if you have a big family or a messy job. There are a couple of ways that you can improve this process to reduce utility bills and your carbon footprint.

The main cause of energy consumption when washing is heating up the water. So, set your washing machine on the cold water function if your laundry isn’t heavily soiled. There are even detergents you can buy that are formulated for cold water and getting the job done.

For drying, if it’s a sunny day, say no to the convenience of the tumble dryer and hang your clothes outside or on a clothes horse.

Ready to Make Your Home Energy Efficient?

Most of these tips on this list are simple and easy things that you can do right now to make your home more energy efficient. So why not get started? Begin by changing small habits, making upgrades, and considering longer-term solutions. You have the ability to reduce your home’s carbon footprint and energy bills.

Are you looking for more tips and inspiration on how to live more environmentally friendly? Our site is packed with informative environment-related content — keep exploring for more!

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