Modern Ways To Wear A Hoodie With Style

Before, people wearing hoodies are considered dangerous, mysterious, and subject to suspicion. But that is not always the case. Though it is a modest sport clothing article, it has the potential to be high-fashioned.

Champion Products produced the first hoodie. Champion Products is a company that creates sports apparel in the 1930s. The primary purpose of the hoodie was to protect the athletes from cold weather and rain and give them the warmth they needed. Eventually, what seemed to be sports apparel became a clothing item patronized by non-athletes and regular people. Most of them are students, hip-hoppers, skater boys, etc.

Now, the zip up hoodie streetwear is more than a clothing item patronized by specific groups of people. It has now become a clothing article bought and worn by anyone. Popular brands like Balenciaga and Versace also produce hoodies, and when combined with the proper shoes and trousers, it becomes highly fashionable.

Modern Ways To Wear A Hoodie With Style

The look that makes hoodies chic and sophisticated is the layered look. Hoodies are okay to wear by themselves, but it screams fashion when it is a piece included in a layered look. You can don a hoodie under a coat or jacket, and that humble hoodie becomes high fashion.

The look you can also go for is the athleisure look. It is an effortless, sporty look. Pair your hoodie with fitted jogging pants and a nice pair of sneakers, and that is the athleisure look.

Hoodies are jackets with an attached hood. Athletes often wear them, and regular people wear them as a casual outfit or sports getup. They are almost always paired with sweat pants. It is a snug clothing article and warm to wear, so it is also good to use for the winter season. They are great for covering the head from drizzles or raindrops. Most hoodies are loose-fitting. The material of this clothing article is usually cotton. Hoodies often have big pockets, so they carry handy things like cellphones and cash.

The hoodie is a humble clothing article in your closet. It is also not a fashion statement, however, it is relaxed, snug, and purposeful. It is a no-brainer that every man and woman need to own one. You can wear it anywhere and anytime, even for casual gatherings or your typical weekend getup combined with other clothing articles. There are modern ways to transform that humble hoodie into a sophisticated outfit.

What are the modern ways to wear a hoodie with style?

    1. Hoodie and coat are a great way to trap heat in the body during the cold seasons and make an individual look sophisticated. It is best for casual, formal occasions or just a weekend getup once paired with pants and shoes, like sneakers or loose pants. Wear a white hoodie below a dark-colored coat on a cold day.
    2. Hoodie and Bomber Jacket gives off a modern urban vibe. This is not your typical pair-up, but it is a good blend of the trendy bomber jacket and the simple hoodie. It would be best to choose a dark-colored zip-up hoodie. Choose either a leather-sleeved or wool bomber. Close the whole outfit with some dark-colored trousers and nice shoes.
    3. Hoodie and Parka Jacket fusion are not just for keeping yourself from being wet and chilly in icy seasons but also look fashionable and classy. Try to match up a black parka with a hoodie of the same color and combine it with tailored jeans for an overall classy appearance.
    4. Hoodie and Denim Jacket give off a stylish yet laidback vibe. It is good to pair a hoodie with a blue denim jacket. The color of the hoodie is preferably gray or white, and then don some skin-tight jeans with a nice pair of sneakers.
    5. Hoodie and Leather Jacket give warmth and coziness in the winter season. Aside from the warmth, it provides a sophisticated appearance. For that edgy appearance, wear a black zip-up hoodie with a biker jacket of the same shade. If you want to look like a rock star, add some slim-cut jeans for the whole ensemble.
    6. Hoodie with Shearling Jacket again gives the warmth for a cold day. Since the hoodie and the shearling jacket are both bulky, try to balance the look by using a light-colored hoodie and shearling jacket.

Things to Consider in Choosing the Right Hoodie Pair-up

Hoodie with Denim jacket is one the best choices in achieving a smart casual look plus it gives adequate heat to sustain you for the frosty days. The hoodie color that you should not miss is a light grey one because it is flexible and can be paired with anything to make the getup suitable for functions, events, or a simple stroll. Take note that you should find a pant that does not have the same texture as the hoodie and its pair. This is to give a laidback, harmonized look.

Have your hoodie ready at all times especially in the winter seasons. Zip-up hoodies are preferable if you are going for a slim-fitting style. But the pullover hoodie is more loose-fitting and cozy. Find suitable jeans and footwear to go with the hoodie and its pair.

Better purchase a classic, timeless kind of hoodie than the newest and hottest release. Those new trends tend to go out of style. But timeless hoodies are forever. Also, find pure cotton ones—they are much durable and high quality.

If you want to look sharp and smart, choose the fitted hoodies than the loose ones. Another thing, better to go with plain ones than those with logos or designs. If it is a university hoodie, wear it on-campus only.

Although the main purpose of the hoodie is warmth, you should not sacrifice the sense of fashion. You need to know what to pair it with.

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